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    Default Re: Artytheurge, an all new Theurge prestige class!

    Quote Originally Posted by giantmudkip View Post
    The class skills bit is kind of obscure. What do you mean?

    Looking at this, it might be kind of overpowered.

    With the infusion/transmutation spell combination, do you have to add on an infusion?

    What if you read about yourself and use an item you create? Boom, instant xp farm!

    Also, craft is not a class skill and you have a lack of a craft pool. What's up with that?
    I meant as in how every caster class is tied to a certain knowledge skill. Wizards and Sorcerer's are tied to Arcana, Druid's and Spirit Shaman's are tied to Nature and Clerics and Favoured Souls are tied to religion, I meant like that.

    What seems over powered in it? Is it dodgy wordings for certain things like being able to exploit the class features for infinite xp and gold? I belive I have fixed it all now.

    The way it is worded it means you can, but don't have to.
    Note the bolding and underline added by me.
    Infusing the Arcana:(Su)
    An Artytheurge can infuse their spells with infusions. Anytime they cast a spell that is from the transmutation spell school or another "buff" spell with a target of personal or allies, you may use any Infusion that you know,
    Craft was a rather silly oversight of me.
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    Completely sexist, yes! Completely true, pretty much...
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