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I meant as in how every caster class is tied to a certain knowledge skill. Wizards and Sorcerer's are tied to Arcana, Druid's and Spirit Shaman's are tied to Nature and Clerics and Favoured Souls are tied to religion, I meant like that.

What seems over powered in it? Is it dodgy wordings for certain things like being able to exploit the class features for infinite xp and gold? I belive I have fixed it all now.

The way it is worded it means you can, but don't have to.
Note the bolding and underline added by me.

Craft was a rather silly oversight of me.
Better, but having the ability to tack on an infusion to whatever spells you cast, 3/4 BAB, bonus feats, a craft reserve, relatively high skill points, a familiar, etc. is OP. Frankly, this class currently is just the combination of the class features of the two classes, losing none of them with more stuff added on.

The class needs some pruning.