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    Alias: Nero
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Ex-Human Fae
    Age: 28
    Alignment: NE
    Class/Profession: Chaotic Neutral
    Power Rating: C+, occasionally scales up to B-

    Description: Nero wears a leather jacket, torn jeans, utility belt and a black T-shirt. He stands about five feet nine inches, and looks like a greaser right out of the fifties, slicked back hair and all. The only hints to the fact that he's not human are that he glitters slightly, as if his skin was dusted with sparkles, and his slightly pointed ears. Of course, the real give-away that he's a faery is hidden underneath his jacket. He has wings. Purple butterfly wings. And he hates them.

    Personality: Neurosis is the scum of the earth. Really, there's no other way to describe him. Normally, he's foul-tempered, bad mannered, impatient, seriously insecure about his wings and how he sparkles, and has anger management issues on an epic scale. Withdrawal from Pixie Dust only makes this worse, but when he's high, he turns all out psychopathic, sociopathic, and very sadistic, going to disproportionate lengths over the slightest imagined insult. Especially about his wings.

    Nero has a truly ridiculous list of things that annoy him, and even one is enough to make him turn ugly, although such fits of temper rarely last. He's good at hiding his rage though, and often adopts the persona of a young, nervous lad with a mild stutter in order to get close to his victims.

    Equipment: Nero carries three throwing daggers, a scoped tranquilizer gun, a pouch containing Pixie Dust, although the amount varies depending on how successful he's been in his hunt recently, a fourth magical dagger, two radio-comm units, and a pair of silver pliers. Other than that, be has his clothes, and his wallet.

    Abilities: Nero is pretty good with his throwing daggers, can send mental commands to animals if he looks them in the eyes, and has a small amount of magical power if he's recently imbibed Pixie Dust. These powers include telepathy, sending people to sleep, conjuring illusions, teleportation, dulling or increasing sensation or emotion, outright controlling animals, and in extreme cases animating plants.

    Backstory: Nero used to be human. But you know how sometimes, when you wish upon a star you get your wish and a damn catchy musical number? Well sometimes the faery that shows up isn't the good kind, your conscience is suspiciously absent, and the wish your offered sounds to good to be true, cause it ain't. But Nero didn't know that when he wished he wasn't stuck as just another punk on the street, and a Fae noble happened to overhear, and he didn't think twice before taking the deal and becoming a Fae.

    Of course, he thought he'd be a noble like his benefactor, the most beautiful, graceful and magical being he had ever seen. Instead, he was given the title of Servitor, and the job of collecting human teeth to make into pixie dust. The job of a Tooth Fairy, a job rarely held by a male Fae. Still, it cleared up his acne, made him 100% better looking, faster, stronger, he even learned magic.

    Soon enough though, Nero started to get sick of his lot in life, and of being constantly the butt of every joke due to his unusual profession, and acquired a taste for pixie dust. Eventually, as his anger issues got worse and worse and he started taking more and more of his own product as a result, he was forced to look at less legal ways of acquiring it. In the end, he was stripped of his title and exiled to the mortal realm for tearing the teeth out of a sleeping child's mouth.
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