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Wow, Teej, that's a lotta stuff! And don't worry, you'll no doubt be favoured by the God Emperor of Mankind soon enough... man, if it weren't for EMA, I'd start writing some more Finlay Houlihan stuff, or maybe even something based on X-COM... xP... But still, expect more stuff from me between the EMA due date (26th) and the end of the month!
we can only serve to the best of our abilities, as long as we are aware that only in death does duty end.
and the emperor protects

speaking of...

if I get a warhammer group together, I'll defintily start posting up stories detailing those as well.

heh, when this thread hits that max page limit, we may want to name the second one "gaming snippets"

... EMA?

unrelated note...
I found a manual for X-COM interceptor the other day, the game is some box somewhere... but I never installed it.

is it any good? what's the premise?