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    EMA = End Marked Assessment... basically, my "exam" for this course/module is to write another essay by the deadline. I love Eng. Lang/Lit!

    As to naming it gaming snippets... definitely. We've got WoD, 7th Sea, DnD, Star Wars... Ahh, it be grand! And lots of good characters out there too!

    And finally... Interceptor... Interceptor was, for many X-COM fans, the beginning of the end for the series. It was a 3d space-shooter, ala Wing Commander, with minor elements of base building, etc, and, even by the standards of the day, it was considered dire. Ship variety, enemy variety... Interceptor knew not these things. And many fans consider it outside of canon.

    EDIT: As to the premise - It's a while after the first X-COM game, and X-COM has gone intergalactic in its search for Elerium-115, that odd element that gives so much, yet can't be made artificially. But the remnants of the Martian Alliance, the "Ethereal Empire", are once again looking to destroy earth with some superweapon/strength of numbers. It's up to YOU to save... yada yada Zzzzzzzz...
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