Inoue Hotaru, 4th Seat of the 13th Division
Age: Appears 18, chronologically 90.
Gender: Female
Height: Petite
Weight: Lightly Built.
Reiatsu: Metallic

Appearance: Hotaru appears to be a young woman, quite pretty, with medium-length black hair, light skin- and, incongruously, indigo irises. She is petite even for a Japanese woman, and quite slender. She mostly wears the standard Shinigami uniform, but when in civilian attire, often wears a kimono or yukata. She also has a tattoo of the Pasque Flower, the symbol of the 2nd Division, and the Snowdrop- of the 13th- on her upper back.

Hotaru, despite her young age, at times can seem quite jaded- she's lost a lot, and is keenly aware of the fact that the job of a Shinigami can be extremely dangerous- the job of a Strike Team leader, even more so. Therefore, she lives life to the fullest- without letting it degrade her performance, however. She will have one night stands- with both genders- but never lets it destroy a friendship or create tension in the office or on the field.

And then, the next day, she goes back to her work, knowing each Strike Team call might be her last, and determined that when that last call comes in, she'll give it her best, and go out fighting.

Of course, this attitude does create some problems. For one thing, Soul Society is distinctively Japanese in character, and an attitude like hers goes completely against the often reserved culture of Soul Society. For another... she's scared of actually committing herself to a more long-term relationship than a one-night stand. After all, she could lose it all the next call.

It would take a lot to break through her shell.

Zanpaktou: Boueisya (防衛者)
In its sealed form, Boueisya takes the form of a plain wakizashi, which Hotaru keeps sheathed behind her waist horizontally. If she uses the sealed form- which is quite rare- Hotaru prefers to use an underhand grip.
Shikai: Stand Firm, Boueisya!
Boueisya takes the form of a steel vambrace and gauntlet covering Hotaru's right upper arm and hand. Her Shikai has two main capabilities. Firstly, it enhances Hakuda, although to be fair, this is less a power and more the fact that being hit in the face by a gauntlet hurts more than when it's a flesh-and-bone fist.

The second ability- and the one that gives it its name- is that if Hotaru gets her right arm in the path of any energy or physical attack, she has a good chance of blocking or dissipating it entirely. This is limited by relative strengths, but not by much- even a Captain's Shikai would have to exert significant effort to manage it. The main weakness of the ability is the need for her to get her arm in the path of the attack in the first place.

Other Abilities
Zanjutsu Practitioner
Hotaru has attained Shikai, but otherwise, her Zanjutsu- as in the technical aspects of swinging a sword around- are somewhat lacking. She just doesn't see the point for herself, as her Zanpaktou can't be used with most of these techniques. Her knowledge is mostly from before she attained Shikai.

Expert Hoho
As a former 2nd Division member, Hotaru is, naturally, very skilled in Hoho. It's probably high 3rd-seat level.

Hakuda Master
Hotaru is a master at Hakuda. In straight-out, hand-to-hand, no-reiatsu combat, she is easily capable of defeating Captain Hayashi (as the latter knows quite well from some embarrassing sparring sessions). This is, to a degree, a natural consequence of her Zanpaktou being extremely suited to the use of Hakuda instead of Zanjutsu techniqus.

Advanced Kido
While certainly not the best at Kido in her division, Hotaru does have a bit of skill in Kido- mostly Bakudo and other dirty tricks instead of Hado.