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    Bishop Angelo Damiano (given, family), S.W.O.R.D Agent 08


    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Height: 190cm
    Weight: 90kg
    Reiatsu: Silver with golden tracings and highlights
    Faction: S.W.O.R.D
    Codename: "Palladium Messenger"

    Bishop Damiano is a tall and built young man with blue eyes that seems more silver than blue with a head of golden blonde hair that shines like soft glow. He bears more than just passing resemblance to the many religious portraits of Archangel Michael, particular those that show him clad in full armor and going tilt with the Dragon.

    Being unassigned to any church meant that Angelo did not require to be dressed in the clothing expected for a member of the clergy, to this he prefers clothing that accentuates a tough demeanor and stature, playing up to the sort of "heroic youth" look that is perhaps the only sign of a personality not wrapped up in faith, but born from a time in youth where cartoons and comics captured his imagination more than the Lord.

    He is never seen without wearing an elaborate cross forged from an alloy of blessed platinum, palladium, silver and steel. It resembles a cross as well as a tiny hammer, and it serves as Angelo's Fullbring focus.

    His reiatsu, should he choose to release it, is truly a spectacle that deserves the "Archangel Michael" association. That strength of faith, ironically brought about by hollow reiatsu and later honed by Angelo's maturity in his Fullbring powers, is pure raw naked domination and strength, an unswerving determination with no compromise nor mercy to the forces of darkness that threatens the innocent and helpless.

    Bishop Damiano is a man of faith, and he lives a very simple life of devotion and discipline. A man who channels 70% of his clerical allowance to various charities and orphanages spends also 70% of his time visiting the same charities and orphanages when he is not on assignments to ensure not just material contributions to ease the pains of the world, but his personal attention and passion as well. Children however do not seem very appreciative of his efforts to be friendly with them, shunning his stern demeanor. He gets along better with older children who show some maturity, recognizing the burden of responsibility that comes with that coming of age.

    During assignments he is relentless, tireless and utterly cold, banking the fires of rage only to release them when face to face with the target of his assignment. However, due to the constant lack of opportunities to lead squads or develop leadership skills, Bishop Damiano is unable to rise through the ranks. And if given the opportunity to lead, this deficiency will show itself very quickly.

    Angelo's birth was a miracle. Her pregnant mother was a victim of a hollow attack right on the hospital bed in Rome, and to make matters worse, tried to possess the woman in order to get to the soul of the yet to be born baby in his mother's womb.

    Thankfully, other Agents were about to leave from another extraction mission when their sensors picked up this spiritual assault. Rushing quickly to assist the screaming woman which no amount of tranquilizers would calm down, and swatting doctors and nurses away from her as if they are flies, the Agents manage to drive away the hollow before it was allowed to make full contact with the infant. They managed to save the boy, but the struggles and damage was too much for the mother, who died on the spot. Retrieving Angelo's mother's simple silver cross as a momento for the infant, the Agents decide to send the boy to a SWORD-run orphanage, believing that the boy might develop spiritual abilities after such an encounter.

    SWORD was right, as soon as the boy could remember, he has always seen spirits, and could interact with them meaningfully, leading to his caretakers reporting the many instances of "imaginary friends" as evidence of the boy's sensitivity to the paranormal. The assigned teams brought Angelo to the Vatican's Paranormal Division for a series of religious indoctrination and exorcism training, but neglected to teach him any combat skills.

    Leading the boy to an armored underground chamber, the frightened boy focuses and schools himself into calmness as he is presented with an arrancar, a low grade animal arrancar which he is given a plain silver cross and a heavily modified handgun. It was then that the boy's constant questions on his parents are answered. Right before the snarling arrancar, Angelo Damiano is told in perfect detail how a hollow, the low grade arrancar in the same room as he is right now, tried to attack him and killed his mother as a consequence. And he is holding his mother's cross right now.

    Given a choice to take his first step in serving the Lord by eliminating the evil, or perish knowing that he would always be weak and unworthy of his mother's protection, the let loose the arrancar's restraints.

    Righteous anger and the litany of the Word fills Angelo's mind as his reiatsu is released for the first time. But to ask a mere child to defeat an arrancar is too much, and SWORD was forced to take action before the boy suffers too much injuries to be able to be of any use to them. But that moment of defeat is etched deeply into Angelo's mind. He swore to himself that he would never be weak again.

    Formalizing his traning as a member of SWORD, Angelo receives his rank of Bishop at the conclusion of his long years of training and rookie assignments. Going down to the forge where SWORD agents have their equipment forged, he takes a month sabbatical down in the hot workshop, smelting his mother's cross with various materials requisitioned from the Church, leaving with the mini-cross/hammer pendant which he wears till now.

    Fullbring Powers
    Angelo Damiano has all the common abilities of a completed Fullbringer, as well as the following powers:

    Michael's Judgement: The cross/hammer that Bishop Angelo Damiano wears is the focus of Angelo's Fullbring powers. When activated, it becomes an oversized hammer that resembles a stylized cross that is as tall as Angelo is, but is lightweight enough to be wielded in one hand. At default this hammer hits hard enough to crack low grade Hierros and resistant enough to withstand up to 5 Cero blasts before it loses its power and reverts back to an ordinary cross. It also boosts Angelo's strength and durability to superhuman levels.

    Vanquish: Silvery gold light wreathes the hammer in righteous flames, this allows Angelo to hit enemies with twice his maximum impact power and tear through any supernatural protections with an easier time. This ability works only on hollows and their equivalents, including vizards and arrancars.

    Judgement: Even in the case of dual-headed hammers, the top portion is mostly unused. By gripping his weapon with both hands and chanting a litany before swinging the hammer downwards, a jet of reiryoku erupts from the tip of the cross just as the hammer is swung downwards. The impact on the ground, regardless of the actual strength, creates a 20ft diameter shockwave of power that forces back all foes to the edge of this ability's power. The tip of the cross also lengthens into a 100 yard beam attack that smites in a straight line. This beam ignores inorganic materials and attacks with the force of an average cero. Again, like Vanquish, this attack affects only hollows and their equivalents, including vizards and arrancars. Angelo can only use this ability twice a day.

    Sanctuary: By focusing his reiryoku, Angelo can invoke a shimmering field of silver light with golden outline in a hemispherical shape. Anybody under this dome of protections find minor injuries heal at a remarkable rate and more serious injuries seem to have stopped bleeding and partially sealed itself up. This field is also highly resistant to attacks equivalent to Michael's Judgement's resilience. Maintaining the field however is draining, and Angelo can only maintain this field for up till 1 minute per day.

    Bringer Light: Angelo's bringer light works like sonido, and is as fast as the equivalent of a vice-captain's shunpo.

    Spiritual Powers
    Bless Water: Bishop Damiano can bless water or any liquid of any quantity no more than 9 gallons into holy water with a concentration of reiryoku and a litany.

    Blessed Sight: Angelo has spirit sight which blends effectively with his vision of the mortal world. Shinigami are colored in a blue aura, hollows in red, vizards in purple, arrancar in blood red, spiritually awakened mortals in yellow. He can also see these spiritual beings in perfect clarity.

    Blessings of Protection: Angelo can pray for protection for any mortal, providing a one-time shielding effect against any spiritual beings no stronger than a 20th Seat. Against an attack it can effectively block, any damage and effects that would have affected the target is totally negated and the blessings wear off. This blessing lasts for a week or Monday whichever comes first.

    Exorcism: Angelo is fully trained in exorcism and has the reiryoku to make it happen with certainty. Against spirits and ghosts no more powerful than an unseated shinigami, Angelo can cast it out of a possessed body (or gigai) by touching the target with his cross, or a spray of holy water. However, since exorcism takes more time and involves potential risks to participants, Angelo would rather use his gun and shoot the target. This ability is most effective against small-time spirits and ghosts.

    Exalted Wards: Angelo can bless a single building and its surrounding lands (marked by the boundaries of a fence or road or some other clear markers) for a week, where small-time spirits and ghosts are forbidden from entering the area, nor are they allowed to attack the ward placed on the main entrance of the building.

    SWORD Equipment
    Unwilling to defile his body for implants and bio-modifications, Angelo compromises by using high-tech equipment.

    Left Wrist Dimension Holster: A simple bracelet that can store many items by touching said item to the holster and willing the storage to happen. The bracelet appears to be a ten ring-linked bracelet made from silver. Each ring can hold the equivalent of 1 equipment no bigger than a car. Each occupied ring exudes a dull golden sheen.

    Exorcist's Handgun: Fires rubber bullets that affects mortals normally but delivers a powerful blast to spiritual beings. The impact of the rubber bullets also has a good chance of ejecting spiritual beings from their gigai or possessed targets. Stored in the Dimension Holster along with many clips of special rubber bullets.

    Holy Water Sprayer: Up to two gallons of water stored in an extra-dimensional space can be sprayed like a flamethrower with a maximum range of 30ft. The type of spray alternates between single globs, a line spray or a cone. This Holy Water is highly corrosive on any spiritual beings composed primary of spiritual particles (gigai is not affected) and will not just deal sustained damage on them, but also partially hamper their movements. Stored in the Dimension Holster.

    HUD contact lenses: A pair of clear contact lenses are worn by Angelo to function as a HUD with relevant displays of information, videos, pictures, maps and GPS. It also contains a visual-triggered tracker, marker and sensor array. Comes with an in-ear earbud hearing aid that provides audio and allows whisper-like conversations without impeding hearing ability and even boosting auditory abilities.

    Right Wrist High-Tech Computer Rosary: The mainframe is miniaturized in the form of a rosary made from silvery metal. This equipment is responsible for feeding information to the HUD contact lenses and hearing aid.

    Protective Clothing: Made from a very lightweight and flexible material, Angelo's clothing is ballistics-proof and knife-proof. When infused with Angelo's reiryoku, it functions as low-grade Hierro. Angelo has a full wardrobe of them and they do not work without Angelo's Rosary.

    Martial Arts and Weapons Training: Angelo is as well-trained as a Navy Seal.

    Physical Conditioning: Focusing on lean muscle, Angelo is a lot stronger, tougher and quicker than he looks.

    Master Driver: He makes Fast and Furious look like Slow and Gentle.

    Expert Cook: He whips up really good meals on a tight budget. Can tofu ever taste this good?!

    Hollowfication (Not Yet)
    Having powers based on hollows, it is not a stretch to conclude that Angelo can head down to the path of hollowfication. Should this event occur, Angelo's already known status as a "walking theological contradiction" will be strengthened.
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