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    Faction Entry

    Name: The Sacred Order of Cunningham
    Purpose: Religious order who runs an orphanage in West Riverside and the Red Zone of Inside. Their Inside presence is much smaller than their presence in Riverside
    Alignment: "Compassion! Courtesy! Let's be really **** polite to everyone!"

    Locations: Riverside Cathedral of the Sacred Order of Cunningham (Westside)
    Sacred Order of Cunningham Westside Children's Home
    Sacred Order of Cunningham Inside Children's Home
    Inside Temple of the Sacred Order of Cunningham

    The Sisters and Elders of the Sacred Order of Cunningham have a perspective based religion with a hodge-podge of beliefs pulled from science fiction and popular culture. They are not a celibate order, and in fact strongly promote marriage and sex (in that order) with the goal of having large families.

    All of their abilities are based on their faith, which means their symbols, holy water, etc are completely mundane if there is no one of the Order there to believe in it. Their 'do bad stuff to evil people' or 'do good stuff to good people' powers are completely based on their perspective. It's possible they could 'Turn Undead' a living creature who they believed was undead or 'Smite Evil' a good person that they believed to be evil, and their healing magic will generally not harm anyone that they are trying to help*. They are unable to raise the dead.

    Except for the orphans and their caretakers, the members of the Order do not live in one location. Families have their own homes, and go to the Cathedral for holy services or group events. You know, sort of like people treat their RL churches. The Westside Cathedral is large enough to house people for emergency purposes, but in general, only the family of the pastor and the groundskeeper live there.

    Because it is a subjective religion, vampires and other undead can enter holy grounds if the vampire in questions believes they can and believes their motives to be pure.

    (*within godmodding rules, of course)

    Anointing Ceremony (Requires three witnesses, where possible)

    Westside based:
    Sister Gertrude: 80 years old with unshakeable faith. Disparages the teachings of the Prophet Yoda. Uses a wooden staff and a Holy Starfleet Phaser
    Elder Moss
    Pastor Rockwell, pastor of the Westside Cathedral
    Sister Janice (resembles Janice from Erfworld), the Pastor's wife. Can see auras and create calm.
    Elder McKinley
    Elder Hernandez
    Sister Bahira (twin sister of Sister Fatima)

    Inside based:
    Pastor Ellen - middle aged, plump woman who is the pastor of the Inside temple. She is married and has three children and one grandchild. Wears Jedi robes.
    Elder Cooke - Ellen's husband and the groundskeeper of the Inside temple. His skin is weathered, making him look older than his actual age of 48
    Robert and Katherine Savick, murdered by Leah Loveman
    Preston Savick, infant survivor

    Sister Fatima

    Dr Burnett (aka Sister Frances) was raised in the orphanage before she started to practice psychiatry in Inside, and considers herself a member of the Order.

    Tia Eiranikos: Not officially a member of the Order, but works in the Inside orphanage
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