Name: Molly Dietzenheimer
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class/Profession: Technopath/Engineer/Programmer


Molly stands at 5'0", and weighs about 110lbs. She has brown hair that's shoulder length, and is always frizzed out. Nothing can tame it. Makes it look like she got electrocuted. Which, she has several times. Her wide eyes are a deep blue color, and her skin is a little pale from a lack of sun.

She usually wears tan cargo pants, black sneakers, a white t-shirt, and a blue button-up shirt over that, unbuttoned. She also wears a pair of glasses with thick, black rims. She usually carries a shoulder bag that has her personal laptop and many small tools.


Molly can be shy, and usually keeps to herself. She is also slightly ditzy, kind of lacking in the common sense department. Her heart's in the right place, though. If she notices that somebody's in trouble, she'll do what she can to help them.


Molly carries a shoulder bag that carries her laptop. She made this laptop herself, and it is leaps and bounds beyond what a normal laptop is capable of. She also carries several smaller tools in there, along with a few items that are hard to identify. These are multi-use gadgets she made herself, and only she knows what they do. In the many pockets on her pants, she tends to collect many random small items. Kind of a habit of hers.


Molly has a knack for any technical stuff, from repairs to manufacturing, codes to designs, simple to advanced technology. She doesn't really know why she's so good at it, she just is. She's never run into any trouble in those areas. She also has a knack of making random items using whatever materials she has on hand. ((MacGuyver style.))


Not much is known about her yet. She doesn't really like to talk about it, which could mean it has bad stuff. Might come back for her at some point.