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    The Operative

    "This would be much simpler for you if you cooperated with me."

    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Ghost
    Age: Literally just born, but physically and mentally in mid-20s.
    Class/Profession: Psion, Black Ops.

    Description: There isn't much to the Operative's appearance. He's a tall, well-built man. Beyond that, all that is known for sure is that he wears a black, hooded combat uniform complete with gloves and boots, and covers his face with a gas mask. The only visible part of his body would take very good eyes to see - the Operative's eyes are mostly normal, except for unnaturally dark irises.


    Art by BooTheHamster. Thanks!

    Personality: Cold, calculating, and cruel are the three adjectives that would best describe the leader of MURDER. To the Operative, there is nothing of importance but the objective. He has no qualms about torture or public execution, if it gets him what he needs. And until he gets whatever he may need, be it information, some sort of object, etc., he will be downright ruthless. He has no compassion for people, viewing allies as a means to an end, and foes as no more than an obstacle.

    Rather than judge others by their character, or even more external values, the Operative judges people based on how useful and cooperative they are to him. If someone gave him information when requested, with little resistance, he would hold them in a somewhat higher esteem. For this reason, the Operative could find a truly awful person to be okay, as long as they were useful, while a veritable angel could be hated by him if they were more resistant.

    As an emotionless, cold-hearted assassin, the Operative speaks in Bold.

    Equipment: The Operative has no possessions.

    Abilities: The Operative has similar physical abilities to that of any standard special ops soldier. He's an expert in hand-to-hand combat, and is deadly with any small melee weapons, preferably an ice pick. He knows human anatomy very well, at least for the purposes of torture.

    He is also a powerful psion, having realized some part of his potential when becoming corporeal. He is capable of precise telekinesis, some basic mind-reading, teleportation, and other miscellaneous abilities.

    Due to feeling no emotions, the Operative also has a rather more unique trait: he is completely immune to all emotion-based magic. Compulsions do not affect him (though hypnosis or mind control might, depending on the user's willpower.) Love/lust magic is ineffective. He ignores empathy shots. He will not let anything get in the way of the processes of gaining information.

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