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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoSeraphi View Post
    You have a conflicting example. You said that a 20th level Evaluator with 20 Int could use Evaluate 30 times per day, but then at level 20 you said Evaluate was upgraded to being usable at will. For simplicity's sake, I would suggest redoing your example to use a 15th level Evaluator.
    Ah. Didn't notice I said that, thanx.
    Additionally, your Evaluate skill does indeed provide a lot of information, but I don't understand why it shouldn't tell the Evaluator the target's Base Attack Bonus as well. I mean, if the Evaluator can understand how well the target defends itself (AC) at level 1, then surely something like how well it attacks (BAB) could be deduced by level 10 or so, right? Or did you intentionally leave that one out?
    Simple oversight, adding.
    Modify is interesting, though you don't say what kind of action it requires to perform. I'm guessing you can only do it once per time that you've gained it through a class feature, since she gains it multiple times, right?
    Its a once a gain thing. at level one you'd have a free floating point to anchor somewhere, then again the next Modify. Or would it be better to leave it? Sticking it somewhere for something then detatch it again? so at level 20 you'd have a free +5 (or 5 +1's) at your disposal?
    Reallocate is very interesting, though I think you should set a clear definition of what Modify and Reallocate affect (Such as everything on the list of Evaluate, plus BAB, for example)
    Didn't I? with reallocate at least.
    All in all, like the class and like the art. The balance seems fair, you used a really low chassis in order to make up for Reallocate, I see. At first I was going to comment on the lack of a good capstone, but I see you haven't posted Reincarnate yet, though it sounds interesting and appropriately godlike. I'll be watching to see how this turns out
    Ah Reincarnate ! (forgot about it >_> )

    I'll add it later! Gotta run again. parties actually starting now.
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