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Ah. Didn't notice I said that, thanx.

Its a once a gain thing. at level one you'd have a free floating point to anchor somewhere, then again the next Modify. Or would it be better to leave it? Sticking it somewhere for something then detatch it again? so at level 20 you'd have a free +5 (or 5 +1's) at your disposal?

Didn't I? with reallocate at least.

Ah Reincarnate ! (forgot about it >_> )

I'll add it later! Gotta run again. parties actually starting now.
You're welcome.

Yes, I think the +5 or 5 +1s would be better, just because this class lacks so much actual offensive capabilities.

Ah, yes, I see it now. You should probably change it from "seen statistics" to "statistics she has seen with the Evaluate class feature".

Heh. No worries. Have fun with your party.

(Also I fail at responding to multiple quotes. Can't you tell?)