Lazarus P. Brown

Alias: Never-Kissed Traitor
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Elf/Brownie/Hob
Age: 3 years old
Alignment: True Neutral
Class/Profession: Chef/Carpenter/Cobbler/Household Spirit
Power Rating: D+
Description: Lazarus is an elf who stands about a foot tall. He has almost cartoon-like body proportions and pointy ears to denote his nonhuman species if his tiny size wasn't an indicator already. The tiny elf usually wears an equally tiny shirt, jerkin, breeches, and other clothing in a Renaissance style, though they are all a drab and darkish green color. His nose, mouth, chin, and neck are usually covered by a black neckerchief worn in a "cowboy" style and pulled up over his nose. He carries a bindle on his shoulder, which is a polka-dotted piece of small red cloth tied around a stick to carry around the elf's small amount of small personal belongings. He has black hair and golden eyes with blemish-less tanned skin, and could probably be called comely if he wasn't a tiny little elf. His mouth is stitched shut with tiny but steel-strong wire made from spider silk.
Equipment: He has two sets of dull Renaissance style clothes and a black neckerchief to wear. He also has his bindle, in which he usually keeps his extra set of clothes, a number of pencils, his diary, and a small bowie knife sized for him.
Abilities: Lazarus gains sustenance and magical power from the appreciation of others. With the magic, he can create minor objects and fix things. He can create things like roses, cookies, furniture, and shoes. Nice things. There are also other magics he can do, but those are vague.
Backstory: Lazarus was a happy elf who lived in a community of other happy little elves inside a tree in some far off land. There the brownie community helped out the nearby humans with little tasks and such, made cookies and shoes for them. They never revealed themselves, but the thanks the humans gave to their vague woodland spirits for the gifts was appreciation enough to sustain the elves. Lazarus was tasked with delivering cookies and such to the humans without being seen, and this he did well. Until the day when he fell in love with some human girl. She was pretty, and he was still a young elf despite his species' quick rate of maturation. He approached the girl one day and spoke with her, breaking the laws of the elves. And then he told her his name, another serious broken law. See, if the humans have a name, they will thank and appreciate only that name, so only the bearer of the name would get the sustenance and magic. After his meeting with the human girl, the other elves in the community imprisoned him. He had a trial, and was found guilty of the crimes of communicating with a human and telling one his name. The punishment for this was banishment and the stitching of his mouth shut, so he could never speak again. He came to the Nexus after being cast out of the elf's world.