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    Default Re: [3.5]Arcane Evaluator[Please let me know if its any good]

    Quote Originally Posted by Solaris View Post
    What he means to say is that you should probably change the flavor text up there to read "...rare, but welcome additions..."
    Sheesh. And they call him Captain Obvious.

    This is definitely an interesting class. I hate to say it, but what about giving it arcane (or psionic) spellcasting with the ranger's progression? You already have something similar with the Conversion ability, but why not have someone who can duplicate spells be able to learn them on her own?
    Well, originally it had a slow but full spell progression (Lv 9 at lv 20).
    I'll see what I can do.

    also. whats the difference? Theres just the "B" that should have been "b" ....


    By spending ten points +1 per spell level, the caster can permanently add a single spell to a spell list to a maximum that mimics the Wizard spells known each can be used by spending 1 point per spell level.

    added to the bottom of conversion.

    and I made Matrix always active.
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