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Isn't Theirs used when talking about people? wait.. where are you talking about? I'm sure there are over five "Theres" on this thread.
"Theres is the power kept guarded by the Reapers themselves to see and judge."
Being that you're talking about people and not locations there, that one.

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what? I thought it read pretty clear. You spend 10+spell levels worth of points to permanently copy a spell down. From there you just spend spell levels worth of points to cast that effect similar to psionics, without any materials. I should probably say that last part.
How it functions is clear. When it functions isn't. Do you have to make the choice upon duplicating the spell, can you wait until the last minute before it's forgotten, or can you just pick any old spell out of the aether whenever you have a minute? Depending on how much downtime the campaign has, that last option could be... iffy.
Wizards don't have a maximum number of spells known. They have spellbooks. Sorcerers have a maximum, though. Does this class cast out of a spellbook-analogue?