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    Default [3.5 PrC]The Reaper [Peach peach'e peach!]

    ^image: Reaper in Reaper form with a Penetrating Tormentor.
    The Reaper
    "You have been judged"
    The Reapers are a group of ageless Arcane Evaluators wielding special weapons they call their Tormentors. Reapers seek out the dead or dying to judge them, and send their soul on their way. They are both friend and foe to the spirits of the deceased, protecting them against demons who would feed off them, but sending them down to hell or heaven.

    Arcane Evaluator level 10.
    Chosen by an existing Reaper.
    ( Any neutral alignment, Diplomacy or intimidate 13 ranks, Exotic weapon proficiency. Solved some sort of large problem in a community, or many small problems relating to crime, punishment and judgment )

    {table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

    Evaluate, Continued Progression, Tormentor, Reaper Form, Reapers Connection.

    Tormentor, Death Strike 2d8

    Tormentor, Evaluate, Soul Guide

    Tormentor, Death Strike 4d8

    Tormentor, Evaluate, Soul Burn, Reapers Connection

    Hit Die: D12
    Skills: 6+int
    Class Skills: same as Arcane Evaluator
    Alignment: Any neutral.
    Class Features:

    Reapers Connection:
    If you are aware and willing, two or more reapers can communicate telepathically. at level five, you can even use the others senses. The unique form of Reaper magic used in this allows connection across planes, distance is not a problem.

    Evaluate: Reapers gain Evaluate faster then the arcane Evaluators as seen in the table as well as with some slight changes.
    Continued Progression: Reapers continue to gain Arcane Evaluator features that progress over time normally through reaper levels. Such as Matrix's range or Conversion. You retain Evaluate as achieved in previous Arcane Evaluator levels and;
    Level 1 Reaper: Will, Skills, Life span(an exact countdown of how long they have yet to live without conscious thought as to kill the victim,. such as getting run over by a rogue cart. and How they will die.)
    Level 3 Reaper: Weaknesses, Resistances, Immunities, Level, Genealogy. Now usable At Will with no Evaluation point cost.
    Level 5 Reaper: You see every major moral decision the target has ever made as well as influences and possible reasonings as to why that person is the way they are today such as childhood trauma.
    Reapers Reallocate.
    A Reaper capable of 19th level Reallocate can alter the numbers on the targets Life Span to shorten their life, and depict how they will die. If simply shortened without saying how they die, they die by some form of failure, typically of the heart.
    Normal: Arcane Evaluators cannot manipulate this statistic.

    Tormentor: the Reaper gains a deadly weapon that is their personal symbol of status.
    Each Reaper begins with a weapon unique to them. You may design this weapon however you like. Your Tormentor is considered a two-handed sword. The base damage is 1d10 with a critical range of 19-20/x2. Your Tormentor is an exotic weapon in anyone else's hands, but you gain proficiency with it when you are given it. You may choose one of the following traits when you create your Tormentor. You may imbue your Tormentor with more traits as you gain levels. No trait may be placed on a sword more than once unless otherwise stated, and no Tormentor may be enchanted otherwise. Infusions and temporary effects work on the Tormentor normally, but cannot be made permanent by any means. Traits changing the tormentor from a blade to another weapon can be taken at first level for free.
    • Adamantine : Your sword is made out of Adamantine and gains all of the benefits (DMG 283). If you choose this trait you cannot use the Alchemical Silver, Byeshk, Cold Iron, or Wraithiron traits.
    • Alchemical Silver : Your sword is made out of Alchemical Silver and gains all of the benefits (DMG 284). If you choose this trait you cannot use the Adamantine, Byeshk, Cold Iron, or Wraithiron traits.
    • Aurorum : Your blade gleams with hues of pink and indigo. If your weapon is sundered, you can repair it simply by holding the broken pieces together (a full round action). The repair is flawless and seamless.
    • Balanced : The blade is exceptionally balanced, allowing you to hold the blade in one hand instead of two.
    • Bewitched : A slight magical aura surrounds your blade. It counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
    • Black* : Your blade seems to absorb light. It counts as evil for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.
    • Blessed : When smiting with this weapon, you deal an extra 1d4 damage.
    • Bonded : While wielding this weapon, you gain a +1 bonus to caster checks and you gain the effects of the still spell feat.
    • Bouyant : While this sword is in your possession, you gain a +5 bonus to swim checks.
    • Broad : You can use your sword to help you defend yourself thanks to it's width. When wielding your sword, you gain a +2 shield bonus to AC.
    • Byeshk: Your weapon is made of the Byeshk material. This weapon now overcomes the DR of the daelkyr of Eberron. If you choose this trait you cannot use the Adamantine, Alchemical Silver, Cold Iron, or Wraithiron traits.
    • Calculated : The blade of your sword was measured and cut exactly according to plan. This weapon is considered lawful for purposes of overcoming damage reduction. This cannot be taken with the Irregular trait.
    • Channeling : You can store a spell or power of third level or lower in your blade until your blade makes contact with a target. The spell or power must be cast or manifested into the blade as a full round action and it takes effect when you strike your target. The spell or power must have a range of touch.
    • Cold Iron : Your sword is made out of Cold Iron and gains all of the benefits (DMG 284). If you choose this trait you cannot use the Adamantine, Alchemical Silver, Byeshk, or Wraithiron traits.
    • Corrupted : Your sword is able to store poison. You can pour a vial of poison onto your blade which absorbs it and takes on its coloration. The poison is released upon a successful strike for three attacks of your choice. After three poison uses the blade returns to normal and another poison can be absorbed. If you wish, you can switch poisons, the former poison dissolves and is wasted.
    • This can be used with the Covert trait; each bolt counts as 1 use. A Fragmentable sword holds 1 use in each blade. An Oversized or Dual bladed sword can hold two vials of poison (same poison) which can be used for six attacks. A Fragmentable and Oversized sword holds 3 uses in each blade. Only contact poisons can be used with the Hammer trait.
    • Covert : Your sword has a hollow in the middle of the sword which bolts can be shot out of. There is a trigger on the handle of the sword, essentially making it a light crossbow. Your sword can only hold clips of 5 bolts at a time. If your sword has the Oversized trait, it can hold 10 bolts and it works as a heavy crossbow. If you have the dual-bladed trait you may double how many bolts you store and may fire them from either end. Any applicable traits you have on your sword apply to your ammunition. You cannot use this trait with the fragmentable trait.
    • Crystal : Your sword has crystal shards imbedded in it that doubles the time that infusions affect it.
    • Cursed: If anyone other than you tries to hold your sword, they take 2d6 points of damage every round. They must willingly be trying to hold it. If you force it in their hands, it will do no damage unless they take hold of it themselves. Additionally, you may designate someone as the new owner of the sword, which will prevent it from harming them but will make the sword harm you.
    • Dual-Bladed : Your sword has two blades attached to the handle. The second blade does the same base damage as the first. You are considered to have the Two Weapon Fighting feat when wielding this sword.
    • Eager : You gain a +2 bonus to initiative rolls as long as you hold your sword. You may also use the Quick Draw feat with your Exotic Sword.
    • * Ferocious : Whenever you enter rage while holding this weapon, you gain an extra 4 STR.
    • Fluid : Light flows off your blade in a mesmerizing manner giving you a +4 bonus to feinting attempts.
    • Fragmentable : Your sword can be split into two smaller blades, each being considered a light one-handed weapon. The base damage for each is one die size lower than the normal base. If you choose the Oversized trait in addition to this trait, then the smaller blades are no longer light. You are considered to have the Two Weapon Fighting feat when weilding your fragmented blades. You cannot use this trait with the Hammer or Lance traits.
    • Greedy : Your sword can absorb a large amount of coins that can be recalled at any point by the wielder. When a coin (regardless of material, as long as it's recognized as a coin with worth) touches the sword and you will it to, it will absorb the coin into a pocket dimension. Your sword can handle up to 2000 coins in this manner. Recalling coins from the sword is a move action, and it will release 400 coins each round (of your choosing).
    • Hammer : Your exotic weapon is a large two-handed hammer instead of a sword. You may only take this at first level in addition to another trait. The damage and critical range are the same, but your weapon does bludgeoning damage as opposed to slashing. Also change your martial proficiencies from slashing to bludgeoning. If you take the Keen trait, call it Impact, though it essentially works the same.
    • Heavy : Your sword has a heavier blade. You gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls.
    • Hooked : A hooked blade allows your sword to be used when making trip attempts. You can drop your sword to avoid being tripped.
    • Iconic : While this sword is visible, the wielder gains a +5 bonus to intimidate checks.
    • Impervious : Your weapon gains an extra 40 HP.
    • Incarnum : Incarnum flows through your blade. When you wield this weapon you gain an extra 2 points of essentia.
    • Inspiring : While this weapon is in the hands of a bard, all bardic music effects last for an extra round. You also gain a +2 bonus on bardic knowledge checks.
    • Irregular : It looks as though your blade is a large scrap of metal you found. It counts as chaotic for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. This cannot be taken with the Calculated trait.
    • Keen : The blade of your sword can pierce even the best defenses. Your sword's critical range becomes 17-20/x2.
    • Lance : Your exotic weapon is a lance instead of a sword. You may only take this as your first trait. The damage is the same and the critical range changes to x3. Your weapon now does piercing damage as opposed to slashing and is a reach weapon. Also change your martial proficiencies from slashing to piercing. This is a reach weapon as described in the PHB. If you take the Reach trait, call it Short Haft and you may attack adjacent foes normally. You may not take the Dual-Bladed or Fragmentable traits in addition to this one.
    • Legendary : Your sword is as legendary as you are and now overcomes Epic damage reduction. You may only take this trait once you're an epic-level character.
    • Linked : You always know where your weapon is. Make a Concentration check (DC 15) to know the direction and distance. If your weapon is across the planes make a Knowledge(Planes) check (DC 15) to know which plane it's on.
    • Lucky : Your superstitions that this blade is lucky may be true. Once per session you may reroll a failed attack roll.
    • Merciful : You may deal nonlethal damage with your weapon without taking the normal -4 penalty to your attack roll.
    • Monastic : You may use this weapon as a monk weapon.
    • * Oversized : Your sword is unusually larger than most swords. The base damage increases to 2d8. You are considered to have the Monkey Grip feat when wielding this weapon. You may not take this trait in addition to the Thin or Dual-Bladed traits. (for information on Monkey Grip, see spoiler at end of post)
    • Penetrating : Your sword is able to pierce through most types of defense. You gain a +1 bonus to all attack rolls made with this weapon.
    • Psi-influenced : You may store your psionic focus within your sword. While psionically focused the sword counts as psionic for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. You may not take this trait if you already have a Psicrystal.
    • Pure : While wielding this weapon, you gain an additional daily use of a turn undead attempt. This does not grant you the ability if you don't already have it.
    • Reach : Your sword reaches out to ten feet. You may still attack adjacent opponents, though at a -2 attack penalty.
    • Serated : Your sword has serated edges. If you take this trait, all base damage die rolls are increased by one die size.
    • Shifting : If the wielder of this blade changes form, the sword changes with them. Their natural attacks count as having all the same applicable traits as the Exotic Sword.
    • Shiny : Your weapon never tanishes and is immune to corrosive attacks, such as the attacks of a rust monster or similar effects.
    • Sneaky : When you deliver a successful sneak attack with this weapon, you deal an additional 1d6 points of damage.
    • Spiteful : Chose a type of creature when you create your sword with this trait. From now on, whenever striking a foe of that type you deal an extra 1d6 damage. This trait can be taken multiple times, each time adding 1d6 to the same creature or adding 1d6 to a different creature.
    • Sturdy : This trait increases the sword's hardness by 5.
    • Superior : This sword proves it's might against other weapons, providing a +2 bonus to all damage rolls when attempting to sunder a weapon.
    • Surging : You can draw up to 10 power points from your blade throughout a 24 hour period. This doesn't let you use more power points than you're allowed in any given round.
    • Thin : Your sword is thinner than most weapons it's size. You may apply the Weapon Finesse feat to this weapon. You cannot take this trait with the Hammer or Oversized traits.
    • White* : Your sword is extraordinarily white. It counts as a good-aligned weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.
    • Wonky : You gain a +2 bonus to disarming attempts made with your sword.
    • Wraithiron : Your sword is made of wraithiron and gains all the benefits. If you choose this trait you cannot use the Adamantine, Alchemical Silver, Byeshk, or Cold Iron traits.

    If you lose your Tormentor, you must retrieve it within 1 week or loose all Reaper class features and be thrown down to rank 1 within the Reapers.
    *If you choose the black and white traits together (which can be done), the colours form a pattern of your choosing on the blade.

    Reaper Form: A number of times per day equal to your intelligence modifier +2 you can assume the form of a billowing dark figure. You become Incorporeal, gain the undead template if you do not already have it, and are immune to all forms of death magic. You also gain a Frightful Presence. All who look upon you must make a will save DC = x2 Reaper levels +int mod +10. On a fail, they are frightened. You stay in Reaper form for intelligence modifier = rounds or until you revert back on your own.
    Simply by having Reaper Form, you are Ageless.

    Death Strike: You deal extra damage to foes who suffered from Massive damage (had half HP taken in one attack, and survived Death from Massive Damage), or who are under 1/4th their total HP, or are in the highest age category of their race.
    Soul Guide: You can send souls to their afterlife. If they don't wish to go they must make a will save DC = x2 Reaper levels +int mod +10

    Soul Burn: You can punish those who stand in your way, or the souls of those judged poorly. a number of times per day equal to your intelligence modifier +2 you can subject them to a fortitude save (or Will if undead) DC = x2 Reaper levels +int mod +10 or suffer 2d10 constitution (Undead instead suffer 1d12 holy damage per class level) damage as a touch attack as their soul is set aflame in a spiritual, spectral blue flame thats visible to them, the reapers, and anyone otherwise capable of seeing ethereal. Damage repeats in 10 minutes unless subject to a Break Enchantment spell or similarly effective and powerful spell such as Wish and Miracle. the fortitude save is the same as the Soul Guide abilities will save. If this effect would kill them, their soul is kept in a plane of torment owned by the Reapers (not the individual reapers, The organization of Reapers) and they cannot be resurrected without deity intervention or an appeal from those who knew him/her directly to the High Reaper. Such appeals usually involve replacing the soul with an equally evil, or more so soul. Or, Eternal service to the Reapers.

    The Reapers

    The reapers are an organization of various beings dedicated to the smooth movement of Life to Death. They judge, They guide, and they Punish. The reaper Heigharchy includes the many reapers that are always out in the world itself, When someone is dying in their local area, they are informed to deal with it. They otherwise carry out normal existences going on adventures, running a shop, maybe even the king of a kingdom. Then there are the Seers. They scour the globe mentally searching for the dying and the lost souls, or other problems the Reapers would take care off. Then there are the Dead Masters, powerful reapers who deal with inner problems among the Reapers, and deal with more dangerous problems. Then at last is the High Reaper. Not much is known about him(?) only that he is never seen, and his instructions are given directly to all Reapers "With a voice as soft as cotton, but as intimidating as a black dragon" Giving them their assignments, missions, and occasional warnings. The High Reaper's influence is passive otherwise, allowing Reapers to use it to directly communicate to others if both parties are willing and aware of the others existence in the first place.
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