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For Death Strike, what does "suffered from Massive Damage" mean? If this particular dragon has ever taken 50 hp of damage or more from one attack, does the extra damage trigger? Does it have to have taken 50+ damage in one attack this encounter?

This class is strictly an upgrade over Arcane Evaluator. 3/4 BAB and no good saves and 4+ skills become full BAB, all good saves, and 6+ skills at no cost or difficulty of entry. Why is this the case?

Changed. That WAS very vague, I meant when they would normally die from Death from Massive Damage, but made the save.

Reapers are Evaluators made more deadly, The chance of a Reaper is also a very un-likely and usually happens as the chosen is dying and the Reaper judges them, and takes an interest in them/finds them to be perfect for the life. Which is unlikely, and plenty of souls get judged by the Reapers AS their dying (and can be saved by the Reaper.)

That reminds me, I say nothing on how a Reaper recruits a new reaper...