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    Jakob, the Blade of Oblivion

    I favor topsoil, actually. Evildoers never are willing to risk reliving that indignity.

    Alias: Sometimes called "The Blade of Oblivion." He's stopped caring.
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Mostly human, though parts of his body have been replaced with Etherium Grafts.
    Age: 21 years old. He insists.
    Alignment: Blue/White (Lawful Good)
    Class/Profession: Planeswalker. Also, Gish Extraordinaire!
    Power Rating: Roughly B+ to A-.
    Description: The man has an immaculately clean beard, blue eyes, and auburn hair. He's fairly muscular, though no more than is normal, and stands about 5'11". One of his arms has been replaced with an Etherium one, with what appears to be an array of Galvanic Sparks moving it around. Beyond that much, it's hard to tell due to his Plate Armor.
    Personality: He's basically a good person, and genuinely desires to help those in need. He also likes to learn new things and get rid of things that are not conducive to a friendly environment.
    Equipment: He wears a suit of armor, even when sleeping. It's actually made from Etherium, so it can reshape itself to better resist blows and to be comfortable. He carries ridiculous supplies of potions and such under the armor as well, and the armor can actually physically move them into his hands. He wields both sword and spell into battle. The sword is made of Etherium as well, so it reshapes itself to stay ridiculously sharp and with just the right amount of weight being carried.
    Abilities: Jakob is a planeswalker, a rare being capable of naturally traversing the planes of reality. He is talented in the use of the sword, though it's unclear just how much of this is his sword messing around with its shape and weight to help him out. He wields spells as well, being a skilled practitioner of Transmutative magic. He mostly uses his spells defensively, however, using magic to put up wards and shields. He also is able to use said magic to improve the combat capabilities of his allies, making them immune to fatigue and resistant to damage. He's also pretty darned good at both fixing and placing transmutative curses. If you want your friend who's been turned into a newt to get better, he's your man. If you want an annoyance converted into a rabbit, he's also your man.
    Backstory: To come later.
    Misc: He has a Formspring Account.
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