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    Default Team Primeval

    Disclaimer: This is not the way to normally play DnD. Every character, combination and what have you is not meant for normal play. I acknowledge the fact that nearly every single thing about the Team is overpowered. Please do not take this opportunity to discuss how broken 3.5 is.

    Full credit to Douglas for his Team Solar - it's the main inspiration for this Team. That guy is a genius.

    A few months ago, I had a brainwave to create " Team Balor ", an intended team similar to Team Solar, except evil. I challenged Douglas to a match, but he's a busy guy so it's not happened yet. After sitting around with some half completed builds and combinations, I decided to push through a complete them, then try and find a DM brave enough to run a game for them, or a PvP match for them. I got really into making them into "real" characters, detailing their lairs and general tactics. To this end I'll be posting up some NPC stuff for them in case some DM wants to challenge epic level characters.

    Enough ramble, onto the Team!

    Early in the process I realized Balors are rather sub optimal, so switched to Pit Fiends. The name was changed to Team Primeval... I also prefer Lawful Evil over all over alignments and was tossing around the idea of characters who don't view themselves as evil, eccentric enigmas of moral philosophy.

    I've taken a RAI approach, and self restricted myself in the following ways:
    • No Infinite Loops
    • No Damage Immunity (This ruled out Favor of the Matyr)
    • Max 3 Dark Chaos Feat Shuffles on each character, no Shuffling feats like Familiar granted Alertness.
    • Maximum one ally (I picked an around 22 HD Dragon)

    Where there's a fuzzy rules thing, I've taken the conservative definition. (This includes Reserves of Strength). ACs start at a high value because listing out all the static AC would take too long.

    I've listed all the buffs and how my characters got to how they are in the 3rd post down. It also includes how I went about buffing my characters. Just to reiterate, I'm posting these for critique, comments, but mostly a brave DM or an opponent for PvP.

    Rai, Shadowmagus

    Whisper Gnome Cloistered Cleric 1/Archivist 5/Shadowcrafter 1/Paragnostic Apostle 1/Shadowcraft Mage 5/Dweomerkeeper 4/Contemplative 1 (LE)
    Small Humanoid (Gnome) Small Outsider (Baatezu, Extraplanar, Evil, Lawful, Fire, Cold, Gnome)

    Speed: 30ft 150ft, Fly 415ft (Perfect), Swim 195ft, Burrow 90ft

    Init: +0 +36

    HD: 12d6+6d4+18 12d6+6d4+378
    Ba/Gpple: +9/+3 +18/Immune or +65

    AC: 11 (+1 Size) 209 (150+35 Wis+20 Dex+1 Size+3 Snowsong)
    FF: 11 176 Touch: 11 141


    Full Attack:

    Special: Domains (War, Knowledge, Illusion and Magic), Spontaneous Domains (Magic), Rebuke Undead +0 (+3) +13 (2nd level, 10/day 16/day), Lore +7 +18, Spells (Cleric 1st, Archivist 17th), Dark Knowledge 4/day (Puissance, Tactics), Lore Mastery (+2 Decipher Script, +2 Knowledge (The Planes)), Still Mind, Prayerbook, Cloak of Shadow 40%, Silent Illusion, Shadow Illusion, Extended Illusion, Powerful Shadow Magic +20%, Lore Advancement, Holy Texts, Knowledge is Power (Spatial Awareness), Arcane Sight, Mantle of Spells (7th or 8th Silent Image, Revivify), Supernatural Spell 1/day, Divine Health;

    1 Magical Training (Wizard), Arcane Disciple (Luck), Shadow Weave Magic, 2 Scribe Scroll (B), 3 Piercing Cold, Iron Will (B), 6 Tenacious Magic (B), Insidious Magic (B), Pernicious Magic (B), Spell Focus (Illusion), 9 Reserves of Strength, 12 Elder Giant Magic, 15 Heighten Spell, 18 Earth Sense, War Domain: Proficiency and Focus DCFSd for Earth Spell and Divine Metamagic (Heighten Spell), Power Attack, Blind fight, Improved Initiative

    Flaws: Noncombatant, Pathetic Charisma

    Skills: (Tome of +4 Int used at level 16)
    Tumble 4 +4 +24, Balance 5 +5 +25, The Planes 8 +18 +38, Geography 8 +16 +36, Dungeoneering 8 +16 +36, Speak Language 3 All, Hide 16 +24 +38, Bluff 16 +14 +25, Arcana 10 +18 +38, Religion 21 +19 +49, Concentration 21 +23 +42, Spellcraft 21 +31 +41 (+46 when Identifying spells being cast), Diplomacy 21 +21 +30, Move Silently 8 +12 +28, Intimidate 0 +0 +22, Sleight of Hand 0 +2 +22,

    Abilities: Str 6, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 26, Wis 20 (+6 Enhancement = 26), Cha 6 (+6 enhancement = 12) (Two Tomes, +4 Int @15th level, +4 Wis)
    Str 117, Dex 51, Con 53, Int 42, Wis 80, Cha 32
    Saves: Fort 11 +13, Ref 2 +2, Will 16 +23 Fort 11 +60, Ref 2 +55, Will 16 +81
    Spells per day: 4/8/8/8/8/7/7/6/5/3 Archivist, 3/5 Cleric

    Gear: Reliquary Holy Symbol, Nightstick, Extract Gift twice for +6 Cha and +6 Wisdom (Duplicated via Miracle)


    0th: Silent Image
    1st: Camoflauge (Drd 1), Crabwalk (Rgr 1), Hawkeye (Drd 1), Rapid Burrowing (Drd 1), Snowsight (Drd 1), Primal Hunter (Rgr 1), Hidden Ward (Dgb FS 1), Lightfoot (Rgr), Remove Paralysis (Hlr), Lesser Restoration (Pal), Improvisation (Brd), Protection from Good/Evil/Chaos/Law*, Endure Elements*, Shield of Faith*, Wings of the Sea*, Conviction*, Faith Healing*

    2nd: Earthen Grace (Drd), Nature's Favor (Drd), Grace*, War Cry (Brd), Primal Instinct (Rgr), Death Kneel*, Cloud Wings (Drd), Burrow (Drd), Divine Insight*, Lesser Frostburn*, Hold Animal (Drd), Sonorous Hum (Brd), Reduce Animal (Drd), Mass Snake's Swiftness (Drd), Zone of Glacial Cold (Drd), Fell the Greatest Foe (Pal), Lion's Charge (Pal), Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (Drow), Augury (Oracle), Remove Disease (NH), Neutralize Poison (NH), Lesser Celerity (Wiz)

    3rd: Mass Align Weapon*, Animate Dead*, Tongues (Cloistered Clr), Possess Animal (Malar Ini), Lesser Geas (Brd), Charm Monster (Brd), Infernal Therondy (Brd), Hymn of Praise (Brd), Arcane Sight (Bardic Sage), Nature's Balance (Drd), Mass Resist Energy (Drd), Dominate Animal (Drd), Evard's Menacing Tentacles (Drd), Lesser Spellsong (Elistaree Ini), Magic Circle against Chaos/Good*, Speak with Dead (Pact), Freedom of Movement (NH), Dimensional Anchor (Portal), Divination (Oracle), Suggestion (Charm), Frostball (Wiz), Righteous Fury (Pal), Ferocity of Sanguine Rage (Wiz), Wounding Whispers (Brd), Dragonsight (Wiz)

    4th: Panacea*, Consumptive Field*, Sheltered Vitality*, Recitation*, Divine Power, Imbue with Spell Ability, Dismissal, Mark of the Enlightened Soul, Touch of the Blackened Soul, Animate Legion, Detect Scrying (Cloistered Clr), Favor of the Matyr (Illmater Ini), Break Enchantment (Brd), Dominate Person (Brd), Sirine's Grace (Brd), Hold monster (Brd), Greater Mirror Image (Brd), Analyze Dweomerizer (Bardic Sage), Essence of the Raptor (Drd), Arc of Lightning (Drd), Primal Senses (Drd), Primal Speed (Rgr), Locate Creature (Urban Ranger), Sacred Haven (Pal), Lawful Sword (Pal), Restoration (Pal), Fracturing Weapon (Pal), Shadow Conjuration (Wiz), Celerity (Wiz), Modify Memory (Mentalism), Scrying (Oracle), Cure Critical Wounds (Hlr)

    5th: Divine Agility*, Revivify*, Zone of Revelation *, Incorpereal Nova*, Slay Living, Atonement, Unhallow, Hallow, Plane Shift, Righteous Might, True Seeing, Battletide (Bane Ini), Greater Dispel Magic (Brd), Greater Heroism (Brd), Contact other Plane (Bardic Sage), Greater Scrying (Bardic Sage), Cold Snap (Drd), Freeze (Drd), Mantle of the Icy Soul (Drd), Baleful Polymorph (Drd), Banishment (Gatekeeper Ini), Lesser Planar Binding (Wiz), Teleport (Wiz), Wall of Ice (Cold), Wall of Force (Force), Raise Dead (Hlr), Commune (Oracle), Dragonsight (Wiz), Spell Resistance, Owl's Insight (Drd),

    6th: Ghost Trap*, Revive Outsider*, Planar Ally*, Heal*, Create Undead, Forbiddance, Visions of the Future, Mass Frostburn, Snowsong (Brd), Empyreal Ectasy (Brd), Nixie's Grace (Brd), Algid Enhancement, Desecrate battlefield, Spellsong (Elistaree Ini), Dimensional Lock (Gatekeeper Ini), Disintigrate (Wiz), Planar Binding (Wiz), Starmantle (Wiz), Ruby Ray of Reversal (Wiz), Revive Undead (Wiz), Antimagic Field (Magic), Banishment (Balance), Awaken Undead (Deathbound), Greater Restoration (Hlr), Regenerate (Hlr), Spellmantle (Mystra Ini), Globe of Invulnerability (Wiz)

    7th: Greater Consumpitve Field*, Holy Transformation*, Holy Star*, Greater Planeshift*, Blasphemy*, Dictum*, Destruction, Greater Aura of Cold, Finger of Death (Undying Fate Ini), Greater Shield of Lathander (Lathander Ini), Aura of Vitality (Drd), Antimagic Ray (Wiz), As the Frost (Wiz), Word of Balance (Balance), Forcecage (Force), Antipathy (Mentalism),

    8th: Greater Spell Immunity*, Unholy Aura*, Fimbulwinter (Drd), Frostfell (Drd), Greater Teleport (Travel), True Domination (Domination), Simularcum (Envy), Screen (Illusion), Discern Location (Oracle), Mass Heal (Hlr), Foresight (Time), Surelife (Repose), Necrotic Empowerment (Clr), Master of the Sky (Sky),

    9th: Gate*, True Reserection*, Miracle, Greater Aspect of the Deity (Herald/Apostle of Peace), Shapechange (Drd), Nature's Avatar (Drd), Freedom (Wiz), Disjunction (Wiz), Effulgent Eppuration (Wiz), Unbinding (Wiz), Time Stop (Trickery), Power Word Kill (War), Monstrous Thrall (Domination), Choose Destiny (Destiny), Undermaster (Drd)

    Spells marked with an * are those gained from level up/starting play.

    Main Points
    -Rai's spells are incredibly hard to detect, due to the Shadow Adept feats. DC 100+ Caster level checks. Also his spells are very hard to dispel, normally with DCs above 40 for "normal spells" and 120+ for high level spells.
    -Shadowcraft mage lets him flexibly cast any sorcerer/wizard spells of Evocation, Conjuration (Creation) and Conjuration (Summoning), combined with Divine Metamagic (Heighten) and Earth Spell he can mimick any spell from most of his slots, including 0th, and gain a caster level boost from Earth Spell.
    -Rai's spells are often 120% real or so, so if targets succeed to disbelief they'll take additional damage.
    -I've used Magic Training to qualify for Dweomerkeeper, then taken it one step further by taking Arcane Disciple (Luck), putting Miracle on my Sorcerer/Wizard list.
    -Piercing Cold lets him bypass cold immunity, to be combined with his 120% real spells and Reserves of Strength lets him deal lots of damage if he wishes.
    -Supernatural spell has allowed him to create the magical items for the party for free, including weapons and secondary items.
    -Using spells from many lists, Rai contributes with more esoteric spells to aid the party.



    Silverbrow Human Conjurer 5/Incantrix 10/Master Conjurer 1/Archmage 1/Mindbender 1 (LE)
    Medium Humanoid (Dragonblood, Human) Medium Outsider (Baatezu, Extraplanar, Evil, Lawful, Fire, Cold)

    Speed: 30ft 150ft, Fly 415ft (Perfect), Swim 195ft, Burrow 90ft

    Init: +3 +35

    HD: 18d4+18 18d4+414+18
    Ba/Gpple: +9/+3 +18/Immune or +73

    AC: 203 (150+22 Dexterity+31 Wisdom) 203 near Rai
    FF: 11 171 Touch: 14 135

    Attack: +13 Light Crossbow ranged d6 +87 ranged d6+20 or +115 melee touch elven courtblade 1d8+127 plus 1d6 sonic, +2d6 unholy, Unarmed Strike
    Full Attack: +13/+8 ranged d6 +85/+85/+80/+75/+70 ranged d6+20 each or +115/+115/+110/+105/+100 melee touch elven courtblade 1d8+127 each with +1d6 sonic, +2d6 unholy, Unarmed Strike

    Special: Abrupt Jaunt 8/day 16/day, Specialist Conjurer, Prohibited Schools: Enchantment and Evocation, Co-operative Metamagic 11/day 19/day, Metamagic Effect 11/day 19/day, Instant Metamagic 2/day, Snatch Spell, Metamagic Spell Trigger, Seize Concentration, Focused Studies (Necromancy), Bonus Metamagic feats (5), Miracle 2/day, Telepathy 100ft, Featherfall 4/day, Destiny Domain granted power.

    Feats: 1 Arcane Disciple (Luck), Aid Spellcaster, Spell Focus (Divination), Spell Focus (Conjuration), 3 Reach Spell, Iron Will (B), 6 Twin Spell, Chain Spell (B), 9 Extend Spell, Empower Spell (B), 12 Maximize Spell (B), Martial Study (Wall of Blades), 15 Martial Study (Iron Heart Surge), 16 Skill Focus (Spellcraft) (B), 18 Mindsight, DCFS Scribe Scroll for Spell Reprieve (Charm Person) at 17th level, DCFS War Domain Proficiency for Persist Spell (B) and Focus for Spell Reprieve (Miracle) at 16th Level. Power Attack, Blind Fight, Improved Toughness

    Flaws: Noncombatant, Weak Will

    Skills: Knowledge Arcana 21 +29 +49, Spellcraft 21 +31 +41 (+46 to ID spells), Concentration 21 +22 +44, Religion 11 +19 +39, Martial Lore 10 +18 +26, Sense Motive 4 +5 +35, Bluff 4 +4 +15, Sense Motive 4 +4 +35, Iaijitsu Focus 9 +9 +20, Diplomacy 4 +4 +15, Intimidate 4 +4 +15

    Abilities: Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 26, Wis 12, Cha 10
    Str 121, Dex 55, Con 57, Int 42, Wis 72, Cha 36
    Saves: Fort 4 +5 Ref 4 +6 Will 17 +17 Fort 4 +57, Ref 4 +61, Will 17 +77


    -Fatemagus, being of the Dragonblood subtype, gets additional benefit from some spells, which, due to the buffing method, boost the whole party.
    -Incantatrix is needed for the buffing procedure.
    -In addition to putting Miracle on my spell list using Arcane Disciple, I made it a Spell Like ability 2/day using Archmage. Fatemagus commonly duplicates himself with Body outside Body. Now, look at Body outside Body. See how it's a 7th level Wu Jen spell? Now look at Miracle. Back at Body outside Body. Look on as Fatemagus breaks the game. More on this later.
    -He has Iron Heart Surge and Wall of Blades for added versatility, and more importantly, so do his clones.
    -Abrupt Jaunt and Feather fall enhance him and his clones.
    -Dragonblood subtype also means that clones duplicating the spell Wings of Cover cover the whole party.
    -I took the Destiny Domain granted power, letting clones grant re-rolls to d20 rolls.
    -Spellcaster Support (Dr 318, OA Update) lets him boost another caster's caster level by 1. Consulting the Rules compendium informs me that multiple aid anothers stack - I limited myself to 8 aiders, the ammount that can surround the caster.

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