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    And now for 3 more:

    Sariss, Eldritch Knight

    Lesser Tiefling Monk 1/Wizard 5/Paragnostic Apostle 2/Spellguard of Silverymoon 5/Abjurant Champion 5
    Medium Humanoid (Planetouched, Human) Medium Outsider (Baatezu, Extraplanar, Evil, Lawful, Fire, Cold)

    Speed: 40ft 160ft, Fly 425ft (Perfect), Swim 205ft, Burrow 100ft

    Init: +7 +33

    HD: 10d4+3d8+5d10+18 10d4+3d8+5d10+414 and THP

    Ba/Gpple: +11/+11 +18/+71 and Immune

    AC: 14 (+1 Size, +3 dex) 204 (150+22 Dexterity+31 Wisdom+1 Intrinsic), 204 within 10ft of Rai
    FF: 11 172 Touch: 14 136

    Attack: Large Heavy Platinum +1 Aptitude Elven Courtblade +20 melee for 4d6-2 damage, 18-20/x2 crit. Medium Sized Heavy Platinum +1 Aptitude Elven Courtblade +120 melee touch for 6d6+134+1d6 Cold+1d6 Electricity 15-20/x2 auto confirm.

    Full Attack: Medium Heavy Platinum +1 Aptitude Elven Courtblade +18/+18/+13/+8/+3 melee for 3d6-2 damage, 18-20/x2 crit. Medium Sized Heavy Platinum +1 Aptitude Elven Courtblade +118/+118/+113/+108/+103 melee touch for 6d6+134+2d6 energy each 15-20/x2 auto confirm and Kick +118 melee touch 12d6+78+2d6 energy 19-20/x2

    Special: AC Bonus, Flurry of Blows, Fast Movement +10ft, Bonus feats, Abrupt Jaunt 9/day 17/day, Bonus Feat, Specialized Conjurer, Banned: Necromancy and Enchantment, Abjurant Armor +5, Swift Abjuration, Extended Abjuration, Martial Arcanist (CL 16th 18th), Arcane Boost, Lore +10 +19, Knowledge is Power (Mind over Matter, Manifest Ethos), Selective Spell (Multiple types, Int/day), Spellguard, Spell Power +1,

    1 Power Attack (B), Improved Unarmed Strike (B), Combat Casting, Carmendine Monk, 2 Augment Summoning (B) DCFS'd for Quicken Spell, 3 Arcane Disciple (Luck), 6 Spell Mastery (B), Leap Attack, 9 Sun School, 10 Selective Spell (B), 12 Repeat Spell (B), Snap Kick, 15 Signature Spell (Miracle), 18 Metamagic School Focus (Conjuration), Blindfight, Improved Sunder

    Flaws: Shaky, Innatentive

    Skills: Jump 21 +26 +185, Spellcraft 21 +30 +42, Concentration 21 +22 +44, Tumble 21 +26 +60, Martial Lore 3 +12 +25, Spot 10 +7 +64, Iaijitsu Focus 10 +9 +20, Sense Motive 6 +7 +37, Listen 2 -1 +37, Balance 5 +8 +29, Move Silently 4 +7 +26, Diplomacy 0 +1 +12, Intimidate 0 +1 +12

    Abilities: Str 8, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 28, Wis 12, Cha 8
    Str 121, Dex 55, Con 57, Int 44, Wis 72, Cha 34
    Saves: Fort 5 +6 Ref 5 +8 Will 17 +18 Fort 5 +57 Ref 8 +59 Will 13 +73

    -Uses Dimension Jumper, Dimension Door, and friendly teleports to make a flurry of attacks via Sun School. I took Snap Kick to take it further. Well worth the monk dip, I think.
    -Spellguard is handy for making defences (such as a Teleport Cage), and also getting that initial Shapechange out.
    -Abjurant Champion and Paragnostic Apostle combine for a +7 Armor bonus on Armor spells and a +5 bonus to shield bonus, as well as swift/extended abjuration and a boost to speed from spells.
    -Abrupt Jaunt gets even better than it is since he attacks twice each time he teleports.
    -I required Signature spell to be able to squeeze off multiple miracles a day.
    -The old leap attack, huge two handed weapon combo lets him function nicely as a "gish".

    Lysander, Archmagus

    Changeling Wizard 5/Paragnostic Apostle 2/ Spellguard of Silverymoon 5/Loremaster 1/Recaster 5 (LE)
    Medium Outsider (Native) Medium Outsider (Baatezu, Extraplanar, Evil, Lawful, Fire, Cold)

    Speed: 30ft 150ft, Fly 415ft (Perfect), Swim 195ft, Burrow 90ft

    Init: +0 +38

    HD: 18d4+36 18d4+414

    Ba/Gpple: +9/+9 +18/+73 and Immune

    AC: 12 (+2 Dex) 204 (150+32 Wisdom+22 Dexterity)
    FF: 24 172 Touch: 26 136

    Full Attack:

    Special: Battle Domain, Combat Wizard variant, Drakken Familiar, Knowledge is Power (Spatial Awareness, Manifest Ethos (Evil)), Lore 2, Holy Texts, Selective Spell (Multiple types, Int mod/day), Spellguard, Spell power +1, Bonus Metamagic feats, Metamorphic Spell (Components, Still Silent 5/day, Time Quicken 3/day, Space 5/day), Expanded Spell Knowledge (Unholy Beast, Wings of Cover), Instant Metamagic (Empower, Maximize 5/day), Secret (Bonus Feat)

    Feats: 1 Combat Casting, Practiced Spellcaster (Wizard), Maximize Spell, Scribe Scroll (B), 3 Arcane Disciple (Luck), Iron Will (B), Skill Focus (Knowledge: Religion) (B), 5 Empower Spell (B), 6 Quicken Spell, 9 Ocular Spell (B), Reserves of Strength, 11 Delay Spell (B), 12 Spell Mastery, 15 Uncanny Forethought, 18 Spell Linked Familiar, Power Attack, Blind Fight, Improved Initiative

    Flaws: Inattentive, Noncombatant

    Skills: Spellcraft 21 +31 +41 (+5 to ID Spells), Knowledge (Arcana) 21 +29 +49, Knowledge (Religion) 8 +16 +36, Knowledge (Geography) 5 +13 +33, Bluff 5 +7 +17, Diplomacy 10 +12+24, Concentration 21 +21 +44, Spot 21 +23 +82, Sense Motive 0 +4 +32, Intimidate 0 +4 +14, Sleight of Hand 0 +2 +24

    Skill Tricks: 1

    Abilities: Str 8, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 26, Wis 14, Cha 10,
    Str 121, Dex 55, Con 57, Int 42, Wis 74, Cha 36
    Saves: Fort 3 +3, Ref 3 +3, Will 17 +19 Fort 3 +56, Ref 3 +60, Will 15 +77

    -Mastery of Magic, apparently.
    -Full caster caster, not like Sariss. Uses Recaster to alter his spells as well as spellguard to acheive fine control over his spells and who they affect.
    -Reserves of Strength lets Lysander get higher level spells into his familiar, and other benefits.
    -His Familiar, a Raven, has the Dragonblood subtype, meaning that when it uses Wings of Cover, it covers nearly the whole party.
    -I picked the Battle Domain, rather than specializing.

    Horus, Crusader

    Human Cloistered Cleric 1/Crusader 5/Ur Priest 1/Ruby Knight Vindicator 10/Hierophant 1
    Medium Humanoid (Human) Medium Outsider (Baatezu, Extraplanar, Evil, Lawful, Fire, Cold)

    Speed: 30ft 150ft, Fly 415ft (Perfect), Swim 195ft, Burrow 90ft

    Init: +2 +33

    HD: 12d8+5d10+1d6-18 1d6+12d8+5d10+414

    Ba/Gpple: +17/+17 +18/+73 and Immune

    AC: 9 (-1 Dex) 207 (150+22 Dex+35 Wis)
    FF: 16 175 Touch: 10 139

    Attack: +1 Intercepting Valorous large heavy elven thinblade +18 melee (3d6+1 18-20/x2) +120 melee touch (4d6+107+2d6 energy 15-20/x2 Auto confirm) or +1 Intercepting valorous large heavy lance +18 melee (3d6+1 20/x3) +120 melee touch (4d6+107+2d6 energy 19-20/x3 Auto confirm)

    Full Attack: Blade +18/+13/+8/+3 melee (3d6+1 18-20/x2) [color="blue"]+120/+120/+115/+110/+105 melee touch (4d6+107+2d6 Energy 15-20/x2 Auto confirm) or Lance +18/+13/+8/+3 (3d6+1 20/x3)+120/+120/+115/+110/+105 melee touch (4d6+107+2d6 Energy 19-20/x3 Autoconfirm)

    Unarmed: +120 melee touch (12d6+107+2d6 energy 19-20/x2 Auto Confirm)
    Lance Charge: +122 melee touch (16d6+536+2d6 energy, 19-20/x3 Auto Confirm)
    Divine Might, Full Power: +104 melee touch (16d6+764+2d6 Energy 19-20/x3 Auto Confirm)

    Special: Domains (Knowledge, Trickery and Undeath), Steely Resolve 20, Furious Counterstrike, Zealous Surge, Indomitable Soul, Spellcasting (Ur Priest 9th,Caster level 14th), Rebuke Undead (1st level, 11/day), Divine Reach

    Feats: Iron Will (B), Spell Focus (Evil), Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack, Spirited Charge, Trample, Quicken Spell, Divine Metamagic (Quicken Spell), Practiced Spellcaster (Ur-Priest), Divine Might, Blind Fight, Cavalry Charger, Power Attack

    Flaws: Weak Will, Shaky

    Bluff 6 +14 +25, Knowledge (The Planes) 5 +6 +26, Knowledge (Arcana) 5 +6 +26, Hide 4 +3 +24, Intimidate 16 +24 +35, Ride 21 +20 +43, Spellcraft 21 +22+32, Knowledge (Religion) 21 +22 +42, Concentration 20 +19 +43,

    Abilities: Str 10, Dex 8, Con 8, Int 12, Wis 20, Cha 26
    Str 121, Dex 55, Con 57, Int 28, Wis 80, Cha 52
    Saves: Fort 9 +8, Ref 6 +5, Will 14 +26 Fort 9 +70, Ref 6 +71, Will 14 +86

    -Combining Crusader, Ur Priest and Ruby Knight Vindicator. Notice how Ur Priest doesn't say you can't have a patron diety, and I've lost the Cleric casting. This is a high powered combo that gets full manuvers and full spellcasting, as well as good base attack and class features.
    -Divine Metamagic quicken and Divine Impetous from RKV lets him get a spell off AND use divine might.
    -A level of Hierophant is normally suboptimal since it doesn't progress spellcasting, however I had reached 9th level spells in Ur Priest anyway, so Divine Reach was a welcome addition for the Dragon knight.
    -Utilitizes lance charges for massive damage. He rides Saphiron, the dragon.
    -I missed out on 9th level maneuvers, but I'm not too bothered.

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