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    And for a few more....

    Lorthos, Warblade

    Lesser Tiefling Rogue 1/Warblade 1/Rogue 1/Warblade 15
    Medium Humanoid (Human, Planetouched) Medium Outsider (Baatezu, Extraplanar, Evil, Lawful, Fire, Cold)

    Speed: 30ft 150ft, Fly 415ft (Perfect), Swim 195ft, Burrow 90ft

    Init: +2 +34

    HD: 16d12+2d6-18 16d12+2d6+414

    Ba/Gpple: +17/+19 +18/+68

    AC: 11 (+1 Dexterity) 204 (150+22 Dex+32 Wisdom)
    FF: 10 172 Touch: 11 136

    Attack: +1 Intercepting Aptitude Heavy Large greatsword +21 melee (4d6+4 19-20/x2) +121 melee touch (6d6+134+2d6 energy 17-20/x2 Auto Confirm) or Armor spikes +20 melee (d6+1 20/x2 Auto confirm) +121 melee touch (d8+79+2d6 energy 19-20/x2 Auto confirm) either and Unarmed Strike +19 melee (-2 on both if used) (d3+1 20/x2) +120 melee touch (-2 on both if used) (12d6+79+2d6 energy 19-20/x2 Autoconfirm)

    Full Attack: Greatsword +19/+14/+9/+4 melee (4d6+4 19-20/x2) and Spikes +18/+13 (d6+1 20/x2) and Unarmed strike +15 melee (d3+1 20/x2) +117/+117/+112/+107/+102 melee touch (6d6+134+2d6 energy 17-20/x2 Auto Confirm) and +117/+112 melee touch (d8+79+2d6 energy 19-20/x2 Auto Confirm) and +116 melee touch (12d6+79+2d6 energy 19-20/x2 Auto Confirm) or Greatsword +19/+14/+9/+4 melee (4d6+4 19-20/x2) and Unarmed Strikes +15/+15/+10 melee (d3+1 20/x2) +117/+117/+112/+107/+102 melee touch (6d6+134+2d6 Energy 17-20/x2 Auto Confirm) and +116/+116/+111 melee touch (12d6+79+2d6 energy 19-20/x2 Auto confirm)

    Weapon Aptitude, Battle Clarity (Max 17), Uncanny Dodge, Battle Ardor (+Int to confirm critical hits), Improved Uncanny Dodge, Battle Cunning (+Int as Insight to damage vs Flanked or FF foes), Bonus feats, Battle Skill (+Int as insight on specific opposed checks), Battle Mastery (+int on attack and damage on AOO), Evasion, Trapfinding

    1 Power Attack (B), Improved Unarmed Strike, Stand Still, Two Weapon Fighting, 3 Weapon Focus (Spiked Shield), Weapon Focus (Spiked Armor) (B), 6 Hold the Line, 9 Close Quarters Fighting, 12 Improved Two Weapon Fighting, 15 Double Hit, 18 Snap Kick, Warblade 5: Combat Reflexes (B), Warblade 9: DCFS’d for Robilar’s Gambit, Warblade 13: DCFS’d for Leap Attack, Human: DCFS’d for Blood Spiked Charger. Blind Fight, Battle Jump

    Flaws: Shaky, Poor Reflexes

    Skills: Balance 5 +9 +29, Bluff 10 +10 +21, Concentration 21 +20 +44, Diplomacy 21 +23 +34, Disable Device 6 +15 +25, Iaijitsu Focus 10 +8 +19, Jump 21 +23 +119
    , Open Lock 6 +8 +28, Search 6 +15 +25, +35 to find traps, Sleight of hand 21 +23 +45, Sense Motive 5 +7 +37, Tumble 21 +25 +60, Use Magic Device 21 +19+30
    Skill Tricks: 3

    Abilities: Str 14 Dex 14 Con 8 Int 28 Wis 14 Cha 6
    Str 121, Dex 55, Con 57, Int 44, Wis 74, Cha 32
    Saves: Fort 10 +9, Ref 8 +16, Will 5 +7 Fort 10 +61, Ref 8 +76, Will 5 +65

    -Praetorian, adept at battle control, especially in close conditions.
    -He gets AOOs for nearly anything, and +Int on attack and damage for those, in addition to hitting twice with Double Hit, then kicking them really hard afterwards.
    -If you charge him, you'll normally cop 12 attacks of opportunity, plus 3 for every attack you make if you make a full attack after the charge, One of which deals double damage.
    -Maneuvers and Stances.
    -He uses leap attack and blood spiked charger (Aptituded the Spiked Shield benefit to his courtblade) to deal huge damage.


    Saphiron, Dragon

    Huge Dragon (Extraplanar) AL NE
    Huge Dragon (Extraplanar, Evil, Lawful, Fire, Cold)

    Speed: 60ft, Fly 150ft (Poor) 150ft, Fly 415ft (Perfect), Swim 195ft, Burrow 90ft

    Init: +0 +12

    HD: 23d12+115 23d12+506

    Ba/Gpple: +23/+42 +23/+87

    AC: 30 (+0 Dexterity, -2 Size, +22 Natural) 197 (150+14 Dex+36 Wisdom-1 Natural-2 Size)
    FF: 30 173 Touch: 8 130


    Full Attack:

    Breath Weapon (12d8 Force Damage, Reflex Half DC 28 DC 40) or Will Sapping gas (Crushing Despair, Will Neg DC 28 DC 40), Force Resistance, Strength of Will, Freedom of Movement, DR 10/Magic, Otilukes Resilient Sphere 1/day, SR 22 102




    Abilities: Str 38 (+5 Wish) Dex 10, Con 24 (+3 Wish) Int 20 Wis 22 (+1 Wish) Cha 20
    Str 122, Dex 38, Con 54, Int 36, Wis 82, Cha 46
    Saves: Fort 13 +18, Ref 13 +13, Will 13 +19 Fort 13 +70, Ref 13 +67, Will 13 +84


    Saphiron's Skills and Feats are left blank because the DM gets to decide that.

    Buffing Procedure:
    First, Sariss prepares spells. Fatemagus then uses a Divine Insight spell cast by Rai from a spell storing ring, gaining a +15 bonus on his next Spellcraft check. Sariss casts his Shapechange spell, which is then boosted by Fatemagus with the Chain Spell and Reach Spell metamagic. He meets the Spellcraft DC by taking 10. With the whole party receiving shapechange at caster level 17 Base+1 Mind over Matter +1 Spell Power+1 Ioun Stone (Total 20), Any forms needed for buffing are available.

    All party members shapechange into a symbiont, he casts Bear’s Endurance, followed by Suffer the Flesh for 10 con damage. As a symbiont, Fatemagus uses his Miracle ability once to cast Body Outside body, duplicating himself thrice. Each duplicate casts Miracle to cast Necrotic Empowerment, paying 5000xp to avoid the focus requirement and to allow it to last for 1 hour. This is a lesser effect than, for example, raising all of the caster's allies to swing the tide of a battle (The equivalent of a Revivify with the reach and chain spell metamagic applied, either cast many times or boosted by the Twin Spell and Split Ray metamagic feats, an ad hoc boost in the form of being able to target allies fallen in the past day, making it roughly a 15th or 20th level spell or multiple 15th level spells). Due to the share spell like ability function of
    a symbiont, this is shared with all 6 characters. Each duplicate then bows, and stays to provide metamagic for Sariss in his buff phase.

    After that, Sariss casts Create Magic Tatoo (+1 Caster Level usage), Touch of the Enlightened Soul and Touch of the Blackened Soul. Finally, he spontaneously casts Miracle to duplicate Owl’s Insight, boosting his caster level with a Spell Enhancer, Mystic Surge and Mind over Matter, aided by Fatemagus, for a total of 17 Base+1 Ioun Stone+1 Create Magic Tatoo+2 Spell Enhancer+1 Mystic Surge+1 Mind over Matter+1 Aid Spellcaster+5 Suffer the Flesh+2 Hero’s Tears component+1 Spell Power (Total 32, for +16).

    Now each other caster in the party has a +8 enhancement bonus to Intelligence, +24 enhancement and insight bonus to Wisdom, they prepare spells.
    Rai: +5/+4/+4/+4/+4/+3/+3/+3/+3 total 4/10/9/9/9/9/8/7/6/5
    Lysander: +3/+3/+3/+3/+2/+2/+2/+2/+1 total 5/8/8/8/8/7/7/6/5/3
    Fatemagus: +3/+3/+3/+3/+2/+2/+2/+2/+1 total 5/8/8/8/8/6/7/7/6/3
    Horus: +5/+4/+4/+4/+4/+3/+3/+3/+3 total 6/10/8/8/8/8/6/5/4/3
    Sariss: 5/8/8-2/8/8-3/7-1/7/6/5/3-3

    Next, the party goes into full buffing, everyone activating a bead of Karma. Rai casts Sonorous Hum for Harmonic Chorus, then Infernal Therondy. Fatemagus uses his Miracle spell-like ability to cast Body out Side body, (so not gaining the caster level bonuses and one use effects), which creates 3 Duplicates. Fatemagus uses Miracle to duplicate Body outside Body at caster level 18+1 Ioun Stone+5 Suffer the Flesh+1 Create Magic Tatoo+4 Bead of Karma+4 Songs+2 Spell Enhancer (Still shared from the last Owl’s Insight casting)+1 Mystic Surge (Still Shared). This creates 6 duplicates of Fatemagus, all of which are sticking around all day, thanks to the prior duplicates providing a cooperative metamagic (Persist, DC 60, met by them casting Miracle to duplicate Surge of Fortune (Clr 5), and Divine Insight (Clr 4), giving them a bonus of 20+21 Ranks+8 Inteligence+3 Skill Focus+15 Divine Insight.)

    All Duplicates will either be readying actions to Aid Spellcaster, using the Aid Another action, or boosting a spell with Cooperative Metamagic or Metamagic Effect. 34 Cultists are ready for their part, now arrayed in the temple. Horus casts polymorph on all of them, as reach, twin and chain are added by a clone. They then all polymorph into wolves.

    Now, Rai casts Silent Image, Heightened to (10th) with Earth Spell and Divine Metamagic, to Duplicate Miracle, which duplicates Greater Consumptive Field, Aided by 8 clones and the Magus himself, adding a Hero’s Tears component, 3 rounds of casting time for Elder Giant Magic, +1 from Mind over Body, he drains the life of X Cultists who all are willing targets, level 1 NPCs. The caster level for this spell is 17 Base+1 Ioun Stone+8 Aid Spellcaster+3 Elder Giant Magic+1 Death Kneel (Celerity, immediately before hand)+1 Mystic Surge+4 Songs+2 Spell Enhancer+1 Evil Domain+5 Suffer the Flesh+9 Earth Spell+2 Hero’s Tears+4 Bead of Karma+4 Ankh of Ascension+1 Nature Holy Symbol+2 Talon of Elhonna+1 Create Magic Tatoo. (Total 66). This gives him a +33 caster level boost.

    Horus reacts quickly, having readied an action to cast Revivify, which has the additional component of a Unicorn Horn. With a Chain and Twin boost from Fatemagus, this is enough to raise all of the dead cultists. Who said being evil was about being horrid, anyway? We’re altruists.

    With an Immense caster level boost (+33), Rai begins casting in earnest. He alternates between spending rebuke attempts to power Divine Metamagic: Heighten and using Residual Magic’s benefit to gain the highest caster level for the important buffs. Such as Algid Enhancement (CL 87 from 17 base+1 Ioun Stone+1 CMT+4 Bead+9 Earth Spell+5 StF+4 Songs+33 Consumptive Field+1 DK+8 Aid Spellcaster+2 Hero’s Tears+2 Spell Enhancer), Owl’s Insight (Same as Algid Enhancement+4 Ankh of Ascension+1 Mystic Surge+1 Domain+3 Elder Giant Magic, total CL 96), Ferocity of Sanguine Rage (CL 80, Same as
    Algid Enhancement-9 Earth Spell-2 Hero’s Tears+1 Mystic Surge+3 Elder Giant Magic), Spell Resistance (Same as Algid Enhancement+3 Giant Magic), Dragonsight (Same as Algid Enhancement-2 Hero’s Tears-8 Earth Spell+3 Giant Magic, total 80), Spell Immunity (Same as Dragonsight), Nature’s Avatar (as Algid Enhancement-9 Earth Spell-2 Hero’s Tears+3 Giant Magic+2 Talon of Elhonna+1 Holy Symbol+1 Domain, total 82, adding a Guardianal Feather component)) (Cast on self, Rod of Silent and Still) and finally Improvisation (As Algid Enhancement, -9 Earth Spell, -2 Hero’s Tears+3 Elder Giant Magic+1 Mystic Surge, total 80)

    This set of buffs are all only detectable by divinations on a DC 11+CL check by weave users, and have a dispel DC of CL+4, with an additional +5 for a weave user. The benefits granted by these spells are as follows:
    +3 Dodge Bonus to AC
    +1 on Attack rolls
    +1 on Reflex saves
    Extra attack on a full round action with one weapon the creature is holding
    +30 enhancement bonus to speed
    80d8 THP, Maximized by Fatemagus, 640 THP.
    +10 Morale bonus on Attack Rolls
    +10 Morale bonus on Damage Rolls
    +40 Morale bonus on Melee damage rolls
    +30 Enhancement bonus on Attack Rolls
    +31 bonus on saves against fire effects
    +30 deflection bonus to AC
    1d8+29, maximized by Fatemagus, for 37 THP
    SR 102
    See 4 times as far as a human in LLV, only half the usual penalty due to distance on spot checks
    Blindsense 400ft
    Darkvision 800ft
    Spell Immunity: 20 Spells of 8th level or lower
    +48 Insight bonus to Wisdom
    Pool of 160 points of luck bonus, of which only 40 can be applied to a single roll.

    On Metamagic and the possibility of running out of free metamagic:
    Each Duplicate will duplicate himself. Thanks to their caster level, they'll produce 3 duplicates of themselves. Each duplicate can produce up to 6 of itself, and still provide metamagic. Each duplicate of those duplicates can produce 6 of themselves, each with a 11 Cooperative Metamagic uses and 11
    Metamagic effect uses, which increases exponentially. The possibility is zero, impossible. Even though the duplicates last 1 minute only, they can duplicate themselves in that minute, so in effect there will always be metamagic available if the party needs it. Furthermore, each duplicate has natural telepathy due to the Mindbender telepathy class feature, so issuing commands to each other is incredibly fast.

    Some out of the ordinary things:
    Several spells have different effects based on alignment when cast. In order to gain the benefit a good character will receive, I use the following method:

    A character changes into a Lilitu demon, from FC 1. Lilitu have a supernatural ability that means that spells and magic items with the good descriptor affect them as if they were good targets. Due to the casting of Mark of the Enlightened Soul, all spells cast by the party have the good descriptor (and Evil descriptor, ironically), so will affect the character as if they were a good character. Hence, we are able to gain the benefit of spells such as Inner Beauty.

    For Nature's Balance, I had to dig deeply for a way to make it work. The way I found was the form of the Mature Nabbassu from FC 1. This creature has the amazing ability Vampiric Link (Su), which somehow I can't believe it isn't all over CO boards. Essentially, the Mature Nabassu creates a link with a living creature within 30ft (Will Neg). When the creature deals damage to the Nabassu, it takes the same damage. *When the creature targets the Nabbassu with a spell, the effects of the spell are duplicated and affect the caster as well, even if the spell fails to penetrate SR or the Nabassu makes its save.* Essentially, this is a great ability for an NPC, but in the hands of an optimizer, is incredible. It even lets you do Pun-Pun style one ups, where you sacrifice HP to boost an Ally, but the effects are duplicated for you.

    For Nature's Balance, Rai casts it, and targets everyone else (Chain Spell and Reach spell are wonderful things). Due to the Vampiric Link created by one of the party members, the benefit of the spell boosts Rai as well, giving him the boost. However, Rai will still be taking the penalty, so the net gain is none for Rai, except strength which gets a +2 bonus.

    Spells targetting weapons (Such as Weapon of Energy) are boosted with reach and chain spell. Other than that, a clone often will DCFS one of his metamagic feats away to take Occular spell (by duplicating himself). This is how the team persists spells like Investiture of the Chain Devil and Ycholol Blessing. (This was going too far)


    Ability Scores:
    Base 37 (Shapechange to Pit Fiend)
    +18 Enhancement (Bite of the Werebear, Horn of the Gorgon)
    //+6 Enhancement (Divine Power)
    +6 Sacred (Holy Transformation, Horn of the Gorgon)
    //+4 Sacred (Righteous Fury)
    +6 Profane (Infernal Transformation, Horn of the Gorgon)
    +4 Morale (Elation, Horn of the Gorgon)
    +6 Untyped (Nature’s Balance, Horn of the Gorgon)
    +6 Untyped (Greater Visage of the Deity, Horn of the Gorgon)
    +22 Untyped (Evard’s Menacing Tentacles, Arms of Plenty, Girralon’s Blessing, Flaying Tendrils, Fuse Arms, Horn of the Gorgon)
    +6 Size (Righteous Might, Horn of the Gorgon)
    +6 Untyped (Greater Aspect of the Deity)
    +4 Untyped (Unholy Beast)
    Base 27 (Shapechange to Pit Fiend)
    +10 Enhancement (Divine Agility)
    +2 Morale (Elation)
    +4 Untyped (Nature’s Balance)
    +4 Untyped (Greater Visage of the Deity)
    +2 Untyped (Greater Aspect of the Deity)
    //+2 Sacred (Grace)
    +4 Sacred (Inner Beauty)
    +2 Untyped (Unholy Beast)
    +4 Morale near Rai (Aura of Vitality)
    Base 27 (Shapechange to Pit Fiend)
    +8 Enhancement (Bite of the Werebear)
    +4 Sacred (Holy Transformation)
    +4 Profane (Infernal Transformation)
    +4 Untyped (Nature’s Balance)
    +2 Untyped (Greater Visage of the Deity)
    +2 Size (Righteous Might)
    +4 Untyped (Greater Aspect of the Deity)
    +2 Untyped (Unholy Beast)
    +4 Morale near Rai (Aura of Vitality)
    +8 Enhancement (Necrotic Empowerment)
    +4 Untyped (Greater Visage of the Deity)
    +2 Untyped (Greater Aspect of the Deity)
    +8 Enhancement (Necrotic Empowerment)
    +48 Insight (Owl’s Wisdom)
    +4 Untyped (Greater Aspect of the Deity)
    +8 Enhancement (Nixie’s Grace)
    +4 Profane (Devil’s Ego)
    +4 Sacred (Inner Beauty)
    +4 Morale (Snowsong) (near Rai)
    +2 Untyped (Greater Visage of the Deity)
    +4 Untyped (Greater Aspect of the Deity)

    Speed, Movement Modes and Senses
    Can pass through solid objects, if they end moving inside an object, shunted towards nearest non solid square, d6 damage/5ft travelled (Greater Blink)
    Sariss can teleport a member(s) and self 90ft as a move action once per round (Greater Dimension Door)
    Teleport 30ft 1/round as a move action to a place in line of sight (Dimension Jumper)
    Teleport 60ft 1/round as a swift action to a place in line of sight (Greater Dimension Jumper)
    Can move freely through the space of a creature only one size larger than them, and squeeze into a space half as wide as its normal space with no penalties to attack rolls, movement or AC (Flexform)
    Metal weapons and armor have their hardness and hit points doubled, and +10 to break DC (Fortify Metal and Stone, Reach, Chain)

    //Base 40ft (Shapechange to Pit Fiend)
    Base 70ft (Essence of the Raptor, Spatial Awareness)
    //+10ft Enhancement (Heart of Air, Fire, Primal Speed)
    +40ft enhancement (Haste, Spatial Awareness)
    +15ft Untyped (Elation, Spatial Awareness)
    +60ft Untyped (Footsteps of the Divine, Spatial Awareness)
    +20ft untyped (Grace, Spatial Awareness)
    x.75 (Greater Blink)
    //Fly 60ft (Good) (Shapechange to Pit Fiend)
    //Fly land speed (Greater Visage of the Deity) 205ft
    Fly double land speed (Greater Aspect of the Deity, Spatial Awareness) 420ft
    //Fly 40ft (Stormrage)
    //+10ft Enhancement (Heart of Air, Fire, Primal Speed)
    +40ft Enhancement (Haste, Spatial Awareness)
    +30ft Untyped, Perfect (Aerial Alacrity)
    +40ft Untyped (Cloud Wings, Spatial Awareness)
    +15ft (Elation)
    +10ft Untyped (Lord of the Sky)
    555ft, perfect
    X0.75 (Greater Blink)
    415 ft, perfect
    Swim 205ft (Land speed, Heart of Water)
    //Swim 30ft (Nixie's Grace)
    //Swim 60ft (Sirine's Grace)
    //+10ft Enhancement (Heart of Air)
    +40ft (Haste, Spatial Awareness)
    +15ft (Elation, Spatial Awareness)
    X0.75 (Greater Blink)
    Burrow 40ft (Burrow)
    //+10ft Enhancement (Heart of Air, Fire)
    +40ft Enhancement (Haste, Spatial Awareness)
    +15ft (Elation, Spatial Awareness)
    +30ft Untyped (Rapid Burrowing, Spatial Awareness)
    125 ft
    X0.75 (Greater Blink)

    //Darkvision 60ft (Infernal Transformation)
    //Darkvision 60ft (Pit Fiend)
    Darkvision 400ft (Dragonsight)
    See in Magical Darkness (Pit Fiend)
    Scent (Essence of the Raptor)
    Blindsense 400ft (Dragonsight)
    Blindsight 60ft (Greater Blindsight)
    Greater Arcane Sight
    Analyze Dweomerizer
    Recognize spells automatically cast, caster level, within sight (Spellcaster's Bane)
    Can see in all Snow weather

    Saves, HP and AC
    Boosted by Con.

    Temporary Hit Points:
    100 (Necrotic Empowerment)
    30 (Heart of Earth)
    640 (Maximized Nature's Avatar)
    50 (Righteous Fury)
    20 (Divine Power)
    32+Cha (Ruin Delver's Fortune)
    37 (Algid Enhancement)

    Regeneration 5/Good and Silver (Pit Fiend)
    Fast Healing 1 (Snowsong)
    Fast Healing 4 (Greater Vigor)

    +4 Sacred (Holy Transformation)
    +5 Morale (Conviction)
    //+4 Morale (Greater Heroism)
    //+1 Morale (Divine Protection)
    +6 Resistance (Superior Resistance)
    -2 Untyped (Holy Transformation)
    +2 Profane (Hand of Divinity)
    +Cha as Luck
    +2 Competence (Enhance Familiar)

    //+4 Resistance vs Mind Affecting
    +1 Dodge while Flying (Aerial Alacrity)
    +3 Insight (Eyes of the Oracle)
    +1 Untyped (Haste)
    +1 Untyped (Battletide)
    =+22+Cha for Reflex

    +40 Natural (Shapechange to Pit Fiend, Bite of the Werebear, Guardianal Feather, Greater Visage of the Deity, Guardianal Feather, Greater Aspect of the Deity, Guardianal Feather, Unholy Beast)
    +8 Circumstance (Holy Star, Guardianal Feather)
    +10 Dodge (Haste, Guardianal Feather, Enhance Familiar, Guardianal Feather, Battletide (Haste))
    +32 Deflection (Algid Enhancement, Guardianal Feather) or +Cha+2 (Sirine’s Grace, Guardianal Feather)
    +4 Sacred (Sacred Haven, Guardianal Feather)
    +17 Armor (Greater Luminous Armor, Guardianal Feather, Abjurant Armor, Mind over Matter)
    +3 Morale (Divine Protection, Guardianal Feather)
    +Wis+1 (Monk’s Belt)
    +3 Insight (Eyes of the Oracle)
    +4 Luck (Recitation, Guardianal Feather)
    +11 Shield (Shield, Guardianal Feather, Abjurant Armor)
    +6 Insight Within 80ft of Draco (Snowsong, Guardianal feather)
    =150+Dex+Wis+Other (+3 within 80ft of Draco)

    +5 Competence (Primal X line)
    +7 Insight (Combat Readiness)

    Attacks, Damage, Special Attack things, Special Attacks:
    Attack Rolls:
    +30 Enhancement (Algid Enhancement)
    +10 Morale (Nature’s Avatar)
    +5 Luck (Nature’s Favor)
    +1 Untyped (Haste)
    +1 Untyped (Battletide)
    -2 Untyped (Holy Transformation)
    +2 Competence (Enhance Familiar)
    Damage Rolls:
    +5 Enhancement (Greater Magic Weapon)
    +40 Morale (Ferocity of Sanguine Rage)
    +5 Luck (Nature’s Favor)
    +2 Competence (Enhance Familiar)
    +d6 Cold (Snowsong)
    +d6 Sonic (Weapon of Energy)
    Bludgeoning Weapons deal damage as if 5 size categories larger or collossal, whichever is less. (Mighty Wallop, greater) (Monks belt: d6>d8>2d6>3d6>4d6>6d6, 6d6 for medium and small)
    One natural weapon deals damage as if one size larger (Sharptooth), 8d6.
    Natural Weapons deal damage as if one size category larger (Unholy Beast), 12d6.
    Weapons deal damage as if one size category larger (Enlarge Weapon)

    Special Attack things:
    Strike as Invisible (Greater Blink)
    Weapons: Double Critical range, automatically confirm critical hits (Dolorous Blow)
    When attacking a foe Flanked or that has lost Dex to AC, double critical range, +4 to confirm critical hits and +1d6 sneak attack (Critical Strike)
    Disease (Pit Fiend) DC 39 (41 near Rai)
    Evil, Lawful, Good aligned for bypassing damage reduction
    Range Increment increases by 50% (Hawkeye)
    Thrown melee weapons are returning (Hurl)
    Full attack at the end of a Charge (Lion's Charge)
    Targets damaged by charge must succeed on a DC 48 will save or be Panicked for 1 round, SR applies, +66 to overcome SR, +4 additional vs Weave Users (War Cry)
    Extra Attack on full attack (Battletide, Haste, Nature's Avatar)
    Instead of Battletide's Extra Attack on full attack, may cast a spell of up to 6th level as a free action (Battletide, Reserves of Strength)
    Once per round the next attack, if it causes damage, will inflict a -5 penalty on AC and -5 to the target's DR for 1 round (Fracturing Weapon)
    Melee attacks are touch attacks (Wraithstrike)
    +d6 per size category target is larger on melee damage
    BaB equals level (Divine Power)
    Melee attacks and Touch attacks are good aligned for overcoming DR (Grace)
    +2 on Charge attack on the first attack, +2 AC when charging, (Crabwalk)

    Natural Attacks
    1d6 Bite, 2 1d4 Claws if Medium, (Greater Visage of the Deity)
    3d4 Tail, Poison DC 41 (43 within 60ft of Rai) Initial damage 1d6 Str, Secondary 2d6 Str, (Infernal Transformation) Additional on a full attack, overcomes as Evil.
    Hands become claws, 1d8 if medium, bite 2d8+1/2 Strength modifier, full attack with claws+bite, only -2 on Bite attack (Bite of the Werebear)

    Special Attacks:
    Burn (Elemental Body (Fire))
    10d6 Lighting Attack at 100ft, +3 on ranged touch attack if opponent is metal/wearing a lot of metal (Stormrage)
    Cloud of Knives: d6 knife+5, ranged attack +101, 30ft, 19-20/x2 critical profile. (Cloud of Knives)
    20 Electricity Damage as a swift action 1/turn against another flyer within 60ft, they suffer half fly speed for 24 hours, multiple penalties don't stack (Lord of the Sky)
    120 elemental damage as a standard action, ranged touch attack, of acid, cold, fire, electricity, +2 for each time they've hit the target before with this attack (Glorious Master of the Elements, Maximized, Empowered, Transdimensional)

    DR 5/Evil (Holy Transformation)
    DR 5/Good (Infernal Transformation)
    DR 5/Cold Iron (Nixie's Grace)
    DR 15/Good and Silver (Pit Fiend)
    DR 10/Magic (Greater Visage of the Deity)

    Opponents do not gain flanking attack roll bonus (Combat Readiness)
    Improved Uncanny Dodge as 66th level Barbarian (Primal X line)
    +8 to resist a Bull Rush, Overrun or Trip Attack
    Resistance to Fire 20 (Heart of Fire)
    Resistance to Cold 15 (Snowsong)
    DC 15 reflex save for Half damage from a Magic Weapon (Starmantle)
    Half Damage from Melee and Ranged attacks
    Melee attackers suffer -4 on attack rolls against character
    Retain Dex to AC vs Invisible or when FF (Sacred Haven)
    Half Damage from area attacks (Greater Blink, doesn't work vs some effects)
    50% Miss chance (Greater Blink, doesn't work vs some effects)
    Half damage from falling (Greater Blink)
    Endure Elements
    Protection from Good, Evil, Chaos, Law
    20% Miss chance vs Ranged Attacks
    Nonmagical attacks have a 50% miss chance (Shadow Phase)
    Magical Attacks have a 20% miss chance (Shadow Phase)
    Ranged weapon attacks automatically miss (Mastery of the Sky)
    Siege Weapons suffer -4 penalty to attack them (Mastery of the Sky)
    Windstorm strength winds surround them, Medium or smaller creatures cannot enter their space (Mastery of the Sky)
    Huge or Smaller creatures suffer 50% miss chance on melee attacks vs them (Mastery of the Sky)
    All damage from Stone or Earth is non-lethal (Earthen Grace)
    //SR 25 (Greater Visage of the Deity)
    SR 102 (Spell resistance)
    No Scent (Remove Scent)
    Never Surprised or Flat Footed (Foresight)
    Absorb Anticipate Teleportation, Spell Vulnerability, Dispelling Screen, Forceward, Assay Spell Resistance, Dispel Magic, Arcane Turmoil, Force Missiles, Backlash, Mana Flux, up to 13 levels to power Cure Light Wounds (d8+5), (Spellmantle, Maximized Empowered)
    Immune to 4th or lower level spells, within 10ft of Rai, Sariss, Fatemagus. (Globe of Invulnerability)
    Undetectable Alignment
    Nondetection (DC 105)
    20% Miss Chance (Blur)
    Freedom of Movement
    Show as Lawful Evil to detection spells (Moral Facade) (Ponder that)
    Evasion (Ruin Delver's Fortune)
    Soft Cover, not granting a reflex save bonus (Raptor Cloud, Chained)

    Poison (Elemental Body, Pit Fiend, Greater Visage of the Deity)
    Disease (Greater Aspect of the Deity)
    Sleep, Paralysis and Stunning (Elemental Body)
    Extra damage from Critical Hits and Sneak Attack (Elemental Body, Heart of Water/Fire/Air/Earth)
    Fatigue, Exhaustion, Ability Damage and Ability Drain (Sheltered Vitality)
    Magical Death Effects, Death Spells, Energy Drain, Negative Energy Effects (Death Ward)
    Fire (Elemental Body, Pit Fiend)
    Cold (Mantle of the Icy Soul, Greater Aspect of the Deity)
    Acid, Electricity (Greater Aspect of the Deity)
    Sonic (Energy Immunity)
    Thrown Weapons and Projectiles, Natural or Magical Wind (Stormrage)
    Nonmagical Weapons (Starmantle) (The weapons are destroyed)
    Mind Affecting (Empyreal Ecstasy, Doesn't suppress existing spells)
    Dazzling and Blinding (Vision of the Omniscient Eye)
    20 8th level or lower spells (Greater Spell Immunity)
    Death from rocks falling (Surelife) (Yeah, so no " Rocks fall, everyone dies ")
    Ranged Touch Attacks (Ray Deflection)
    Difficult terrain (Surefooted Stride)
    Fear (Greater Heroism, Ruin Delver's Fortune)

    Skills and Misc:
    +4 Morale (Greater Heroism)
    -4 Untyped (Empyreal Ecstasy)
    //+10 Enhancement Jump (Heart of Air)
    +30 Enhancement Jump (Jump)
    +8 Racial Swim (Swim Speed)
    +5 Enhancement Escape Artist
    +2 Competence Intelligence based
    -2 Untyped Charisma based
    +8 Insight Spot (Vision of the Omniscient Eye)
    +8 Racial Spot (Eyes of the Avoral)
    +8 Hide, Survival, Spot, Listen, Jump, (Essence of the Raptor)
    +10 Insight Search to find traps, Trapfinding (Find Traps)
    -20 Hide (Grace)
    +10 Escape Artist and Tumble (Flexform)
    +5 Jump and Tumble (Raptor Cloud, Chained)
    +10 Circumstance Hide (Camouflage)
    +5 Competence Spot (Hawkeye)
    Make Tumble Checks untrained (Flexform)
    Balance, Climb and Move Silently have no penalty for movement (Accelerated Movement)
    +10 Insight Knowledge (Lore of the Gods, knowledge domain) can expend for retrying a failed check or doing an untrained check, bringing the duration to 1 hour.
    Make Knowledge checks untrained (Spiritual Advisor)

    Can breathe underwater (Nixie's Grace, Sirine's Grace, Heart of Water)
    Can Activate a Feather fall effect that discharges the spell (Heart of Air)
    Can Activate a Stoneskin effect that lasts 31 rounds before discharging spell (Heart of Earth)
    Can Activate a Fire Shield effect that lasts 31 rounds before discharging spell (fire protection only) (Heart of Fire)
    Can Activate a Freedom of Movement effect that lasts 31 rounds before discharging the spell (Heart of Water)
    Can Ready a Standard action at the end of their turn as a free action that discharges the spell (Eyes of the Oracle)
    Can Fire a 10d6 lightning bolt as a standard action that discharges the spell (Lord of the Sky)
    Can counter a spell lower than 5th level as an immediate action that discharges the spell (Kiss of Draconic Defiance)
    Can deal 6d8 (Reflex DC 29 half) to an adjacent target as a standard action that discharges the spell (Raptor Cloud, Chained)
    Rai aware of status (Sacred Haven)
    Can Ready an Action to blink when attacked
    Fear Aura (Pit Fiend) DC 1/2 HD+Cha
    Can remove Dazed, Dazzled, Fatigued, Exhausted, Sickened or Nauseated, caster level can be ranks in heal with Conjuration (Healing) spells, assuming 10 ranks heal (Healing Lorecall)
    Telepathy 100ft (Pit Fiend)
    Bonus Fighter feat (Heroics)
    Blindfight and Power Attack as bonus feats (Bite of the Werebear)
    Roll 2d20 and pick the best result (Choose Destiny)
    earth lock, earthquake, excavate, flesh to stone, meld into stone, move earth, reverse gravity, soften earth and stone, statue, stone shape, stone tell, stone to flesh, transmute mud to rock, transmute rock to mud, tunnel swallow, wall of stone, and xorn movement as Spell Like abilities, once per round as a standard action
    Warned of Danger (Foresight)
    Enemies suffer 20% Spell Failure chance, Will DC 52 negates, within 60ft of Rai (Snowsong)
    +4 Profane bonus to Rebuke Undead, -4 profane to Turn Undead within 100ft of Rai (Infernal Threnody)
    Evil casters within 100ft of Rai gain +2 Caster Level (Infernal Threnody)
    Spells gain the [Good] and [Evil] descriptor, and 3rd level or lower spells deal an extra 50% damage to Good or Evil targets, or 50% again against evil and good targets.
    +2 Insight on Counterspell and Dispel Check
    Telepathic bond, interplanar
    Non reach weapon melee attackers suffer 4d6 force damage (Justice of the Wyrm King) and 135+1d3 sonic damage (Wounding Whispers, Maximized, Empowered, CL 84) and d8 slashing damage (SR apples, +30 overcome)
    One attacker (by any means) takes 90+7d6 damage, half sonic, half divine, and 4+1/2 d4 strength damage, Will halves damage and negates strength damage (Divine Retribution)
    Enemy Spellcasters must pass Fort saves (DC 32) or lose spell they are casting (Kiss of Draconic Defiance)
    Illuminate out to 60ft (Grace)
    Evil creatures within 10ft suffer a -2 penalty to saves (Holy Transformation)
    Don't Provoke attacks of opportunity for moving (Lightfoot)
    Contingent Panacea when afflicted (Renewal Pact)
    Contingent boost (35 temporary HP, DR 5/magic, +2 luck on Saves) when reduced to 1/2 HP (Stalwart Pact)
    Contingent boost (+4 on attack rolls, double damage, must attack foes of opposing alignment, know which foes are of opposite alignment within 60ft) when hitting a Chaotic Good foe. (Zealot Pact)

    Daily Life:

    The team has a private sanctum on their personal plane. This plane was created using the genesis spell cast by Rai, Dweomerkeeper, and is 720 ft in diameter. The planes traits are exactly the same as the material plane, as is familiar to the team. Sariss, Eldritch Knight, casts Halaster’s Teleport Cage (CoSW), using the Spellguard of Silverymoon’s selective spell ability to specify that only creatures with the Extraplanar subtype are affected. This means that anyone who doesn’t call their plane home can’t teleport into it.

    The Plane is quite flat, and raises in height as a traveler reaches the center. Water surrounds the 20ft edge of the plane, falling off to return to the center where it freezes. Each party member has their own private sanctum within the central landmark, a frozen hill. The temperature is slightly lower than normal and gets colder towards the center, to -40 F. An icy temple stands at the top of the hill, with in built gates (as the Gate Spell). Creatures of Evil alignment are protected by an Endure Elements effect via Rai’s wards, so they can traverse the icy areas and the fiery areas without ill effects.

    Due to Rai’s position as Master of the Plane, he rules that his team is native to this plane; that is to say, they do not have the Extraplanar subtype while at home. This is a rather simple application of a Miracle/Wish, to make a creature native to its sanctum plane. (It is in line with a ninth level spell, as the Mantle of the Icy soul grants the Cold Subtype as an instantaneous Effect, costing 2000 xp. Rai will cast it for 100,000 xp, of course ignoring said XP cost due to the Supernatural Spell ability he posseses.) The process is also repeatable for any other creatures that Rai wishes to allow onto their Plane. Rai also casts a wish that allows his fellow party members to function as Masters of the Plane.

    Sariss’ caster level for Teleport cage is boosted by consumptive field beforehand. The caster level for consumptive field is 18 base+4 Songs+4 Bead of Karma+5 Suffer the Flesh+2 Spell Enhancer+1 Mystic Surge+1 Create Magic Tatoo+1 Spell Power+2 Heroes Tears+1 Holy Symbol of Hextor+25 Aid spellcaster, for a total of 64, leading to a caster level modifier of +32.

    Finally, the caster level for Teleport Cage is everything for Consumptive field+32 for consumptive field, for a final result of 96. Sariss’ caster level means that the spell’s area is 96 10ft cubes. The area of the plane is 407,150 ft, or rather, 4072 10ft cubes. This means after 4 consecutive castings, Sariss has covered 384/4072 – 9.4%. After one week of casting this 4 times each day, as Rai grows the plane, Sariss covers 2,688 10ft cubes of area, for 66% done. 4 more days of casting means the whole plane is covered.

    Rai casts Consumptive Field, and then uses the Shadow Illusion power to duplicate the Unhallow spell. The caster level for this spell is 18 Base+2 Thesis+1 Gnome Domain+4 Songs+4 Bead of Karma+5 Suffer the Flesh+1 Create Magic Tatoo+1 Spellgifted+1 Holy Symbol+25 Aid spellcaster+4 Ankh of Ascension+2 Spell Enhancer+1 Mystic Surge+9 Earth Spell+3 Elder Giant Magic+41 Consumptive Field+1 Death Kneel = 123. The area is widened by Fatemagus for an 80ft area. A dimensional Anchor effect is set in the Unhallow area – the spell overcomes spell resistance with a +124 modifier, +128 against Weave Users, keyed against anyone not of a lawful evil alignment. In order to detect this Unhallow, a weave user must succeed on a DC 134 caster level check. To realize that the Unhallow spell is illusory, it’s a DC 41 Will save. If the save is successful, the spell becomes 120% real.

    Rai casts this 3 additional times, laying out the areas in intersecting locations. The center point is 40ft away from each center of another circle. Then he casts it on days ahead in the same patern, until he has a 860ft diameter Unhallowed zone, where non lawful evil creatures are affected with Dimensional Anchor.

    Rai moves on to cast Silent Image as a Shadow Illusion, heightened to 10th level using Earth Spell. This spell duplicates Desecrate, with the same caster level as Unhallow – 123, overcomes spell resistance with a +124 modifier, +128 against Weave Users, and requires a DC 134 caster level check to detect with divinations. It lasts for 2 hours per level, doubled for the Extended Illusion class feature, then Extended and Widened by Fatemagus, for 984 hours. In other words, 41 days. This is repeated 3 more times to gain a 80ft wide area, then an additional 6 to put it to a 160ft wide area.

    EDIT: After I wrote this I saw the Desecrate Battlefield spell in Heroes of Battle. I'll work that in...

    Finally, Rai Wishes an Endure Elements effect to aid everyone who shares Rai’s alignment (Evil). This is well within Wish’s limits, duplicating a very, very wide area (180ft) however merely providing an effect that is in line with a Hallow spell. This is Widened to cover the whole plane. In the same way, an Avoid Planar Effects spell, a Vigor spell and a Freedom of Movement spell affect creatures of Evil Alignment, while a Glitterdust spell and Antipathy effect target creatures of non-Evil alignments. The Freedom of Movement spell allows evil creatures to navigate treacherous terrain and work underwater, a boon for the parties servants.

    Sariss then cast a Gate Spell, linking the teams plane with a city on the material plane where further gates can be accessed. The gate only affects native creatures, so travel through it is impossible to creatures not native to the teams plane. Horus often leaves with Saphiron through this gate, to take part in some battle that takes his fancy.

    Saphiron is an Adult Tarterian Dragon (Draconomicon 190), who joined the party for a joint share in treasure as well as new additions to its hoard worth 50,000gp. Bonded to Horus, the Knight of Death, Saphiron is armored in thick metal plating in addition to his formidable natural defences, and receives the benefit of 5 very powerful spell casters to aid him.

    Saphiron was originally called through the Gate spell, and took a liking to Horus. A cunning dragon, Saphiron knows that sticking to the team will reap great rewards, and that leaving them will result in his death. Furthermore, it’d mean losing his continual stream of riches that comes from associating with such powerful exemplars of evil. Saphiron shares an abode with Horus, and frequently participates in discussions with the team.

    EDIT: Background up on Monday, as well as NPC stuff.

    Open for comment/advice/declarations of bravery/various compliments
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