Alias: None, currently
Gender: As a warforged, Azik is a genderless construct. However, he identifies as male.
Race/Species: Warforged, which is a living type of construct
Age: Azik is currently eight years old. This isn't much of a problem though, as he is of a constructed race, and thus not subject to having to grow up.
Alignment: Almost completely Neutral. However, he is completely honorable and will never break his word. NEVER.
Class/Profession: Artificer. He makes magical things and sells them to the public at large, but be warned, those who try to steal, he is far from unable to use his own wares.
Power Rating: Scalar, depending on his prep time and what he brings with him. He can get as high as A- before he starts pushing himself, and that's at the level where he's forcing all the power out of wands at once - not something he wants to do. most of the time, it's safe to assume he's at about C+

Personality: Azik is a down to business type of guy. Don't get in his way, and he won't go against you, but try to screw him over or those he holds dear, and you'll be lucky to be raining from the sky for the next three days.
Equipment: His longcoat catches in the breeze. As it flutters, one can see a multitude of wands, schema, and scrolls all attached to several belts around his waist and upper legs. On his eyes he wears a pair of blue tinted shades, despite his lack of ears, and the metal orbs that serve as his eyes glow green behind these spectacles.
Abilities: First off, Azik is a warforged. This means that, while he can technically be raised from the dead, he doesn't have soul. He doesn't sleep, he doesn't eat, and without a bloodstream, poisons and diseases won't work on him. On top of that, his skin is literally a set of adamantine plates, not only making him very heavy for his size (which is already large), but also a veritable tank with regards to what can damage him. And that's all from what he is.

What he can do is impressive - Despite being unable to use magical spells and the like, he has learned how to infuse objects with magical power, meaning that stick sitting on his shelf? it could be a wand that shoots huge fireballs. The sky and the imagination is the limit with this guy, though anything he doesn't already have in stock can be custom made for a buyer
Miscellaneous: Runs Azik's Enchantments in Inside, Yellow Zone