Oh yeah, I've been forgetting about this thing. I'll give it a thorough inspection later, but I've got two issues with it already:
1) "Aspect of the Deity" is, judging by a google search, from the 3.0 book Defenders of the Faith. While the official WotC stance is that unupdated 3.0 material is 3.5 legal, in practice it's usually on an individual approval basis and frowned on. You should really limit yourself to non-3.0 material, I think. Even aside from that, the Visage of the Deity line of spells is clearly an updated version of the same thing, and it being 3.0 is probably the only reason the name change wasn't noted in Spell Compendium. They're the same spell, use only one and make it the most recent version.
2) I haven't studied the way you did it in detail yet, but using Good and - especially - Sanctified spells for an evil team seems Wrong in a rather major way.

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Man, it's been AGES since I've thought about the Wish and the Word. I need to explore them again, they're too much fun, especially the Word, who was a masterpiece of creative abuse of the Savage Species rituals.
As I recall, the Word was based on a severe misinterpretation of Ur-Priest caster level plus stacking Ioun Stones which shouldn't work either. And the Wish, well, there's a reason the spell duplication item pricing guidelines are guidelines rather than rules.