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    ~Minoa, Fist of the Ancient Heavens, Dancer Upon the Jade Shore

    Arcane Fist (Monk)
    The Monk becomes able to tap into the more mystical side of his spirituality and ascetism.
    Level: 1st
    Replaces: Flurry, AC Bonus (scaling only), Bonus Feats
    Benefits: The Monk may cast a number of arcane spells per day. He may cast only one spell per spell level per day. He may not change the spells he chooses. He gains a single first level spell at first level, and single second level spell at fourth level, a single third level spell at seventh level, etc etc (4th level spell at 10th level, 5th level spell at 13th level, 6th level spell at 16th level, 7th level spell at 19th level). The spells he chooses must be of the personal range, and must be of the Divination or Transmutation schools of magic. This is a spell-like ability.

    Brawler (Monk)
    The Monk gains increased ability to fight all out, losing his grace in the process.
    Level: 1st
    Replaces: Evasion, Improved Evasion, Unarmored Speed Bonus
    Benefits: The Monk gains Mettle at fourth level, and Improved Mettle at 10th level. In addition, the Monk may enter a focused state, as a swift action, once per encounter. For the duration of the focused state, the Monk gains a +4 bonus to Wisdom and Strength, and a +2 bonus to Will saves. He takes a -2 penalty to Reflex saves for the duration as well. The focused state lasts up to 3 rounds, plus the Monk’s Wisdom modifier. After the focused state ends, the Monk is fatigued until the end of the encounter. This is an extraordinary ability.

    Grace of War (Monk)
    The Monk’s martial ability increases to that of the grandmaster of his art.
    Level: 1st
    Replaces: Flurry, Bonus Feats
    Benefits: The Monk gains Initiating as a Warblade of his level, with the same recovery method as the Warblade, and with access to the Diamond Mind, Setting Sun, and Desert Wind disciplines. This is an extraordinary ability.
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