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    Aemilia hylia bastalt

    Alias: aemi to her friends, the drow hunter to her enemies
    Race/Species: half hylian
    Age: 18
    Alignment: TN.
    Class/Profession: Drow Hunter
    Power Rating:against drow: B everyone else C -

    A 6' tall red-headed woman, with a toned athletic body showing a few battle scars. her grey eyes have glints of blue in them, and the few grey streaks she has in her hair are actually silver
    Personality: stoic from years on the hunt, aemi is normally quiet , and reserved. she is not unnecessary cruel or particularly generous or kind if she doesn't want to be, or doesn't need to be
    Equipment:a spiked chain, a bastard sword enchanted to tell if drow are near, and to burn them on contact, a mirrored shield that grants protection against spells cast by drow, and a tough leather armour. some healing and general protection talismans

    Abilities:great swordsman, able to cast a little healing magic, and spells that afflict wounds to drow especially , or detect other creatures nearby .
    Backstory:fueled by the death of her mother , and the hatred of the drow who caused it, Aemi has vowed rid the world of their presence, or to at least destroy the civilisation they currently live in
    Miscellaneous: Aemi will pcik a fight with any drow character she sees if she can get away with it, and she will fight to kill
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