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    Cyrus Ahu, the Heart of Iniquity

    I don't know how to tell you this, lass, but I don't need ye anymore. Yer a liability now. (*Cue Fireball*)

    Alias: He is called the "Heart of Iniquity," due to his hedonistic nature and cruelty.
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 35
    Alignment: Red/Black (Chaotic Evil)
    Class/Profession: Planeswalker. Also, Cult Leader and Sociopath.
    Power Rating: Roughly B+ to A-.
    Description: Cyrus speaks with a mild Gaelic Accent, and has a head of red hair. He has an oddly pale complexion, and no irises around the pupils of his eyes. He wears a suit of leather armor, due to his value on mobility, and looks generally like someone you would avoid in the street. His clothes are black and red, and his magical aura varies between Black and Red, depending on exactly what he's casting.
    Personality: He's hopelessly hedonistic, filled with hate, hot-tempered, foul-tempered, evil, brutal, savage, soulless, and... get the idea.
    Equipment: He wears a suit of leather armor specially enchanted to inflict horrible curses on people who touch it. It sets them on fire, and scourges the mind. It's not pleasant. He also carries a crossbow, along with a truly ridiculous number of enchanted bolts, with effects ranging from fireballs and acid to disintegration and amnesia.
    Abilities: Cyrus is a planeswalker, a rare being capable of naturally traversing the planes of reality. He is talented in the use of a crossbow, and can fire with immense precision and speed. He wields spells as well, being a powerful Evoker and Enchanter. He has no qualms about harming innocents with his spells, though he doesn't randomly murder civilians for no reason. That would be stupid.
    Backstory: To come later.
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