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    Alignment:Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession:Flying Ship Captain
    Power Rating:5
    Description:Moore is slightly tall than average, he is just over 6'1 in height with red hair and blue eyes. He wears shirts and pants under a coat.
    Personality:He is a fun loving sort of person that enjoys his job giving air tours just as much as the occasional fighting that occurs when enemies try to board his ship.
    Equipment:He carries a machine gun and pistol with him. His main advantage is his flying ship.

    The Swift Scale:

    On each side of his ship his crew have four high caliber machine guns that can be mounted in special firing positions and four more on each side below deck that can also be mounted in firing positions. The crew is also able to mount a powerful gun near the steering wheel that can pierce most armor in times of need. The sides and bottom of the ship have armored plates. When coming into port the guns are taken below deck to keep from being attacked by the port guards.
    Backstory:He learned about his love for flying when he was younger and decided to become a Flying Ship Captain.
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