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Yay, first critique!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it.
I get what you mean with the bit about me not going anywhere with the plot, but I decided that with such a small word-count I shouldn't have a major plotline.

Also, to fix the other problem, would "which flattered me very much" work instead?
It's not that you don't go anywhere with the plot, the ending worked well in a 'where are we going next, it's up to you!' sort of way. There's just no counterpoint to the peer pressure of 'doodling is wrong.' Really this is more of a subjective critique than an objective one.

'which flattered me very much' seems like a good change which doesn't feel clunky. Since, 'He read me once, he read me countless times' is already its own literary device, you want everything else in the sentence to flow.