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    Blame caffeine, and no tab makes me said.:

    Edit: Part 1.

    This is the story of how I fell in love with the President’s wife.


    ------It was a party, but I was standing on the apartment’s balcony, watching the late night traffic pass by.

    ------I turned my head when I heard the glass door slide open, but kept her only in my peripheral vision. By the time she joined me at the rail, I was looking straight ahead again.

    ------“I suppose you didn’t like it in there?” she said, and I heard the small tink of a Zippo opening.

    ------“Nope,” I said as a waft of tobacco touched my nose, “just needed a breath of fresh air.”

    ------She snorted, but not derisively. Simply amused. “You’ve been out here for at least twenty minutes. And it’s cold.”

    ------I glanced at her. She was wearing an elegant, shoulders to heels evening gown, but her arms were bare. “It’s not that cold for me,” I said. She had a pleasant profile, and I could see her gaze was focused somewhere well beyond the building across the street.

    ------“Uhuh.” She placed the cigarette in the ashtray. “It’s okay if you say you don’t like them though. I don’t like a lot of them either.”

    ------I just smiled back, not quite sure of what to say. “Maybe I like the silence.”

    ------She pushed back her hair, either very simply done up or very elaborately made to seem so, and turned to face the party inside. A man facing the glass guffawed hugely, but we couldn’t hear him.

    ------“You live here then,” she said, pointing over her shoulder with her thumb.

    ------“Yeah, my place is a bit smaller, but I do live in the Zoo.”

    ------“You a native then? Is that what they call it?”

    ------I shrugged, “No to the first, and no to the second as well, I’m pretty sure. You’re not a local yourself then?”

    ------“Neg,” she said, and then we lapsed into silence for a moment while she picked her smoke back up for a few more puffs.

    ------“So,” she said, “if you don’t like the party, don’t like the crowd, what are you doing here? You know the host, I’ll bet.”

    ------“Nope, good friends with our esteemed guest of honor.”

    ------“Reeeally,” she said, with a playful hint of doubt, but before this could be explained the air was interrupted by the sound of the door sliding open once again.

    ------Propelled outwards by the sudden noise of chattering and laughter and music was a man, slightly red in the face, but smiling wide. The buttons on his expensive jacket were all open, and the top few on his dress shirt as well. The tie I’d seen him with earlier was gone as well. He wrapped his arm around my interlocutor, who leaned into him as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Hey baby! How’s it going?!” He caught my gaze and gave me a wink. “I see you met Toby.”

    ------“Hey there Menezes.”

    ------“We actually hadn’t gotten to names.”

    ------“Oh. Maeve, this is Toby, Toby, Maeve. Maeve, we went to high school together. Toby, we’re… hugging,” he laughed, she smiled, I nodded. “Toby here writes now, and Maeve here… she’s still hugging me,” she elbowed him in the side, gently. “Okay, she’s pretty,” this got him another elbow in the side, but then she started laughing. “Actually, she does mathy things at a university. You know, no one calls me Menezes anymore, ‘cept on the news. I always introduce myself ‘you call me Matthew’ firm handshake.” He waved his hand up and down, causing the ice within the glass held therein to rattle audibly.

    ------“Oh? Should I go to Matt then?”

    ------“Nah, nah, I like it. Throw back to high school, you know? So,” his face took on that look I knew of old, even if it was framed by a new, expensive hair cut. It was his trying to sober up face. “So. How are you two doing?”

    ------“We were doing fine.”

    ------“Yeah, fine.”

    ------He nodded solemnly. “Okay, next question. Should I go back in there? Or am I too drunk?”

    ------“You seem okay honey,” said the woman, Maeve, “but I think you should leave this with me.” She neatly took the glass from his fingers and set it on the railing.

    ------“That’s probably smart. Toby? What do you think?”

    ------I turned to size up the crowd. “I think you’ll fit into the flow nicely, shouldn’t be a problem.”

    ------“Excellent! Campaign donations for everybody! Toby, stay here and keep Maeve company. She doesn’t like these parties.” Maeve laughed, and pushed him through the door with a quick pat on the butt.

    ------I picked up the glass and sniffed it. “Straight vodka on the rocks. I swear. That man hasn’t changed one whit.”

    ------Maeve pointed after him. “So he’s always been like that then?”

    ------“Head Boy, Thomas Jefferson High School, Class of ‘08.”

    ------“Of course.”

    ------“He’s a great guy.”

    ------“Yeah. You’re a writer, huh?”

    ------“Not exactly big time. Some stuff.” I shrugged. “I can pay the bills at least. And you, you did, uh, mathy stuff?”

    ------“Ha. Yeah, teach and research physics at Berkley. It’s summer break now, so I can go on tour.”

    ------“Mathy stuff.” I wiggled my fingers at her.

    ------“Liberal arts major.”

    ------“Fair enough.”
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