Critique of: This is the story of how I fell in love with the Presidentís wife.
, by The_JJ

In the beginning, you used "I" a little too much, as it appears something like six times in only three short paragraphs. After that, it just disappears, which may or may not be an issue, as I forgot that it was first person. However, that's easy to fix.

Also, in some of the longer stretches of dialogue, I lost track of who was talking to who. A good thing to do is to place dialogue tags every four paragraphs, and then add description. Example: "What on earth do you mean?" He choked on his martini. "That's... impossible!" That's also rather easy to fix.

I do also wonder: is this part of a longer story? The ending seemed a little abrupt. The whole story didn't seem to conclude. Perhaps a short epilogue should be added?

All in all, though, several good things: Grammar. VERY good grammar. Dialogue is engaging, but snappy. Characterization is good. Just fix a few small things, maybe add an epilogue, returning to that first person narration, and that might make it even better.