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    Default Re: Alternate Class Features For All Classes (Feats/ACFs, P.E.A.C.H.)

    Improved Summoning (Feat)
    Prerequisites: Charisma or Wisdom 17, Divine Partner, Knowledge (Religion) 9 ranks
    Benefits: Whenever you summon an outsider using your Divine Partner ability, that outsider gains a bonus to all physical ability scores equal to your Charisma modifier. In addition, whenever you cast a spell upon yourself, and the outsider you have summoned is within 10 feet of you, they benefit from the effects of that spell as well, as if you had cast it upon them. They lose said benefits if the spell has a duration longer than Instantaneous when they move more than 10 feet away from the Paladin. This effect does not take additional spell slots to use.

    Clouddancer (Feat)
    Prerequisites: Light From On High, Tumble 4 ranks, Smite Evil 2/day
    Benefits: Your maneuverability while flying becomes perfect, and your fly speed becomes equal to twice your base land speed. Whenever you make a smite upon a foe and neither your nor your foe are touching the ground, you gain a bonus equal to your Wisdom modifier to the attack roll, and your opponent must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 ECL + Charisma modifier) or be pushed back 10 feet in any direction. A successful save cuts the distance traveled in half. The pushback effects resolves after all of the other attacks in a full attack resolve.

    Hand of Justice (Feat)
    Prerequisites: Improved Bull Rush, Long Arm of the Law, Spot 9 ranks
    Benefits: You may use the Power Attack feat while attacking with ranged weapons (ranged weapons count as one handed weapons for this purpose), including throwing weapons. Whenever you make a ranged smite attempt with the weapon summoned from Long Arm of the Law, you may treat the target of the smite as if you had moved into that target's space and initiated a bull rush attempt, using your size modifiers, with a +4 sacred bonus to the bull rush attempt. You do not actually move into the opponent's space in this way, and stay in the location from which you made the ranged attack until acted upon by an outside force. You do not provoke an attack of opportunity for this attack.

    Zealous Cleave (Feat)
    Prerequisites: Cleave; Justice Is My Arm, Retribution Is In My Eye, Base Attack Bonus +6
    Benefits: Whenever you make a smite, if automatically counts as if you had killed your target for the purposes of Cleave and Great Cleave. In addition, when you Power Attack with your summoned weapon, you may force all targets to whom you successfully deal damage to make a Reflex save (DC 10 + the Penalty to Attack Rolls + Strength modifier) or fall prone.
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