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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomHat View Post
    This is pretty cool.
    Here's a little bit of a non sequitur, but have you given any thought to making your setting one with more magic, but fewer magicians?
    By that I mean, superstitions are simply real. Magic is so ubiquitous that they don't have a name for it.
    I bring it up because it might be interesting to be able to (for example) add the damage type "Burning" to a weapon simply through 'mundane' exquisite craftsmanship. You could feed into Japanese legends about cursed swords with supernatural properties and possess those properties for down to earth reasons like, "They say the craftsman used to much fire and to dark a silk in its making"
    I was actually thinking about stuff like that coming from the special materials, so they still exist, but you only have one at a time. The rest of the stuff comes from within, some mix of ability and spirit.

    The main end intent is to reduce the christmas tree effect and have a system where you can effectively eschew wealth by level, and use magic items for what I've always felt they should be: Really special objects that make an impact on how your character works.

    Making it so mundane people could enchant weapons with multiple effects like the current magic item system works, just without magic, it doesn't really solve the issue that everyone needs really expensive and rare weapons... just changes the flavor slightly.
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