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    The vampires of Riverside came to the Nexus from the city of Gul-Thadar, a city where vampires and humans live in harmony. They took up the role of governing Westside after the city's leadership collapsed. Humans and vampires alike fill their ranks. They aren't above unsavory methods or shady deals, but they keep a good public face.

    {TABLE=head]Character | Player | Role |

    Amone Donati | Gulaghar | Mage |

    Astrana Tyamera | Shadowcaller | Mage |

    Dacio Inaudi | Gulaghar | Enforcer |

    Durin Baenurden | Gulaghar | Lieutenant |

    Estella Lobono | Gulaghar | Mage |

    Flora Inaudi | Gulaghar | Enforcer |

    Gavino Inaudi | Gulaghar | Medic / Mage |

    Maria Juliano | Gulaghar | Lieutenant |

    Mortius Necriax Dathrii | Earl of Purple | Infiltrator |

    Ramiro Gallo | Gulaghar | Leader |

    Rico Barone | Happyturtle | Enforcer |

    Rollo Tumasi | Gulaghar | Enforcer Constable |

    Samona Mase | Gulaghar | Lieutenant |

    Vino D'Angelis | Happyturtle | Vampire Hunter |

    The White Mouse | Wolfbane | Security / Infiltrator |

    {TABLE=head]Character | Player |

    Luisa Donati | Gulaghar |

    Mateo Garcia | Earl of Purple |

    Rilayne Baenurden | Happyturtle |

    Tarso Rizzo | Gulaghar |

    Former Members:
    {TABLE=head]Character | Player | Reason for Departure |

    Gabriel Moretti | Gulaghar | Left |

    Rosalia Nacari | Gulaghar | Defected |

    Valente Ricci | Gulaghar | Defected |

    : Vampire originally from Gul-Thadar.
    : Human originally from Gul-Thadar.

    All vampires that originally came from Gul-Thadar and all those turned by them will adhere to this write up.

    Enforcer HQ:
    This building serves as a police station for Westside and has the typical functions one would expect. In addition to this, it acts as a sort of armoury for Tenebras.
    On the outside, this building almost looks like a bunker. It's a low, squat building constructed of stone. The only windows are on the front of the building and they are small. There is a fenced off area in the back that contains a number of vehicles.

    The lobby area is fairly bare. There are a few different clearly labeled desks to approach, depending on the reason for being there. One is for general business with the Enforcers. The wall opposite the desks is lined with chairs.

    Off to the left is a hallway that goes deeper into the building. An Enforcer guard stands at the entrance to this hallway at all times. At the end of the hall is a heavy steel door with a card based lock. Behind this door is an armoury that contains the Enforcer's weapons and armour.

    On the opposite side of the lobby, there is a similar hallway, though it's not guarded on the lobby side. At the far end there is a door that leads to an area with a few holding cells and a desk for a guard to work at.

    Halfway down the same hall is another hall intersecting it. This hall is lined with doors to a number of offices and other rooms.

    Exbourne Manor:
    The manor is commonly known to be owned by Tenebras and occupied by Tenebras members. It was formerly the base of Westside's government.
    Exbourne manor is rather old, though kept in excellent condition since it was restored when Tenebras moved in. The rooms are large and spacious, and most of the public areas have been painted in bright pastels and decorated with vases of flowers.

    The ground floor largely consists of the lofty entrance hall, a comfortable living room, and the kitchen. Ramiro's office is also on the ground floor for easy access. The second and third floor have mostly bedrooms and attached washrooms. The basement serves as rooms for the servants primarily. In a separate part of the basement is a large vault as well as an Evolution Industries Class 2 MACE Unit which provides the building with electricity. Finally, the attic contains whatever it is that creates the darkness field within Westside.

    The manor is surrounded by a courtyard. An iron fence surrounds it, and a number of trees provide privacy along the sides and behind the building. The courtyard is grassy and has a cobblestone trail leading to the front door. Behind the manor is a private garden. The courtyard's gate is almost always left open.

    Westside City Hall:
    This is the base of operations for Tenebras' government affairs in Westside, Riverside.
    The newly constructed city hall is a towering, impressive building. It is crafted primarily out of a light stone. There is an old feel to it's design, but it is very much a modern building on the inside.

    It opens up to a wide open lobby. The floor is a clean white and the room is brightly lit by florescent lights. Immediately to the right of the door is a reception desk where a receptionist can be found for direction during business hours. On the left of the entrance is a security desk where an Enforcer can be found. In the middle of the room is a small fountain with several chairs around it. On the far side of the room is an elevator and there are a number of other doors that lead out of the room.

    On the second and third floor there are a number of offices. The mayor's office is on the third floor and there is an office for the Enforcer chief here as well.

    Tenebras has made a contract to be supplied arms and armour by Evolution Industries. Most of Tenebras' armed personal will be found equipped with these when the situation calls for it. While on patrol or guarding important areas being most common.
    • EvA-1 Light Armor:
      Quote Originally Posted by Darkcomet View Post
      EvA-1 Light Armor: A lighter armor type originally meant for Imperial Army scouts, it offers little protection against stronger attacks and is designed with maximum mobility in mind. The EvA-1 armor comes with a full helmet with a number of scanning features, including x-ray, infrared, night vision, and magic-detecting settings.
      It is a fairly standard suit of high tech armour. Covers the entire body, including a fully head concealing helmet. The entire suit is coloured black. Most of the common units will be found wearing this armour.
    • EvA-2 Power Armor:
      Quote Originally Posted by Darkcomet View Post
      EvA-2 Power Armor: A medium armor variant, this armor features some strength amplification and offers good protection from many attacks, especially small arms. The helmet features are lesser compared to the EvA-1's, however, with only infrared and night vision settings.
      A much heavier suit of armour as it is power armour. Though not bulky, it is still a heavy suit of armour. Overall style as well as helmet design is similar to the EvA-1 armour. Not often found in use. Usually reserved for special missions or situations where the extra protection is called for.
    • EvA-4 Spec Ops Stealth Armor:
      Quote Originally Posted by Darkcomet View Post
      EvA-4 Spec Ops Stealth Armor: This armor type is suited for special forces, and is fully sealed with some life support capabilities for extreme environments. It has a built-in cloaking device and its helmet comes with EvA-1-level scanners. It's midway in protectiveness between the EvA-1 and EvA-2.
      Lighter than the EvA-2 armour, though still heavier to accommodate the cloaking systems. Helmet is similar to the other two suits, the difference being the edition of an air filtration system. Only a single suit is owned by Tenebras and is reserved for use by Durin Baenurden except in special circumstances.
    • EvR-1 Variable Blaster Rifle:
      Quote Originally Posted by Darkcomet View Post
      EvR-1 Variable Blaster Rifle: A rifle-type energy weapon, the Variable Blaster uses rechargeable and interchangeable power cells to function. The cells recharge (albeit very slowly, recharging them via an external source is much more functional) on their own thanks to technology borrowed from Evolution Industries' prior main product, the MACE units, and come in many different varieties, with different types of energy for different situations. The blaster fires energy bolts of different types, determines by the power cell used. The cells run out after thirty shots. The EvR-1 also has an adaptable frame, suitable for many attachments, such as scopes and laser sights.
      The most commonly used weapon. Will be found on most units.
    • EvP-1 Variable Blaster Pistol:
      Quote Originally Posted by Darkcomet View Post
      EvP-1 Variable Blaster Pistol: A pistol-size version of the Variable Blaster. Their power cells are smaller and run out after only 12 shots as compared to the EVR-1. They recharge similarly to the EvR-1's cells.
      Usually used in addition to an EvR-1 as a secondary weapon. May rarely be used alone.
    • EvM-1 Infernal Edge:
      Quote Originally Posted by Darkcomet View Post
      EvM-1 Infernal Edge(s): Unusually for weapons (originally) designed for Imperial use, 'EvM-1' is the classification for a number of melee weapons. Outwardly, they have small buttons on the hilt or handle, and very dark black blades. The blades, thanks to the material they are constructed from, are very strong and sharp, and can stand much more heat than most metals. The button on the hilt, thus, is actually the on/off switch for another function. The weapons can be superheated to give significant extra power. These come in many forms, all bladed melee weapons. Note: Only knife/dagger type versions of these are available for civilian purchase.
      Every unit is equipped with a knife sized version of these, and many have a sword sized version.
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