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Thread: [D&D3.5] Weapons, Upgrades, and More

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletmanalive View Post
    Saingham and Sai should be Finessable
    Both are finessible by virtue of being light weapons. Weapon finesse applies to all light weapons, and then specific other weapons that have the property specifically, per the feat.

    Sai really don't fly all that well compared to daggers and Saingham DO actually fly pretty well, at least over short distances being basically oversized spike shuriken.
    I was going by the default stats that had the Sai as a throwing weapon (though with 10ft range). Are you saying the stats on the two should be basically reversed?

    Come to that, most Monk weapons should be finessable by D&D's logic [or is that a quality of the Monk weapons type?]
    I think the only one that's not finessible is the quarterstaff.

    Most of the rest are almost identical to the stats I assigned weapons in my home system [where they had to cope with armour as DR so the damage went up a bit] and conincides with the crafting mechanic I already have in place. Spooky
    Spooky indeed.

    This is really cool, although the 'creating a new weapon' thing is fairly abusable; I could make a MW 2-handed weapon that has reach, threaten adjacent, trip, and a +30 to Tripping checks.
    Should only be able to increase a given maneuver twice (for a +4 for 1 point). I'll make that clear in the text. So at that point you have your +4 to trip, and have another 6.5 points to spend elsewhere (for higher crit, damage, bonuses to other maneuvers, extra damage types, etc). And you'd still have to pay the feat for the exotic weapon proficiency. And of course as you note, new weapons are something the DM should adjucate carefully, to prevent any serious abuses I haven't foreseen.
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