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Thread: [D&D3.5] Weapons, Upgrades, and More

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletmanalive View Post
    Looking at it, i'd probably have the Saigham be a 1d8, x3, Range 30ft weapon, or a 1d8, 19/x3, range 10ft weapon.

    The sai, heck, why not keep it as it is and just go with the Elektra-ness of it all.
    How's how I made it now?

    Saigham went to 2d4x 3 with 30ft (19-20x3 would have gone over cost, since a 19-20x3 costs 3 slots). Sai dropped down to 10ft throwing range, and got kicked up to a d6.

    The nunchaku seem really close to the sai now, with their only difference being crit. Is that enough to differentiate them? I was considering switching nunchaku's bonus to disarm to bonus to trip, but I'm not sure how well that fits with the weapon.
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