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    What? You mean I can't have a crossbow with reach? How lame.

    But, on a serious note, I came across a confusing conundrum. When creating a new custom weapon, you gain additional slots for a weapon being one-handed or two-handed. Normally this isn't a problem, but you can get an upgrade for a crossbow to make it one-handed. Does this affect slots? I imagine it wouldn't, but maybe this should be specified.
    The idea is that One Handed and Two Handed are melee only specifications. Crossbow and Bow are separate classifications. You don't select "Two Handed Crossbow" for +4 slots, you select "Crossbow" for 2 slots. You can then opt to spend 2 slots to make it a 1-hand crossbow.

    I'll see if I can edit the OP to make that clearer.
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