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Thread: [D&D3.5] Weapons, Upgrades, and More

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    Really, no finesse? I figured as a chain weapon it really would fit, and also lends to the absurdity that is swordchucks. I could see exchanging the finesse for other benefits.

    As for pricing, yeah I'd say GM discretion, simply because the core costs don't seem to have any balance ramifications, and are there just to have something there.

    If I were going to assign costs, I'd personally be inclined to standardize weapon prices. If I was going to go into pricing I'd make it something like:

    Simple-1 gold
    Martial-5 gold
    Exotic-20 gold

    With a x1.5 multiplier for a one handed or ranged weapon, or a x2 multiplier for a two handed weapon.

    But I also figured such standardized pricing would be too far from the norm, relative to the rest of it and didn't have any real meaningful impact, so didn't bother.
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