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    Percival Schaefer

    Aliases: None. Perhaps a German name or two, but he likes Percival. His mother was English.

    Gender: Male.

    Race/Species: Demon.

    Age: Old.

    Alignment: Chaotic or Neutral Evil.

    Class/Profession: Combat Shapeshifter/Minion

    Power Rating: Probably C or B.

    Description: Decently tall, possessed of a military physique. He typically wears a black leather military coat, complete with a silver eagle pin on the lapel. It's almost never worn unbuttoned. He sometimes wears gloves over his knobby hands, of a black leather like the rest of his wardrobe. He's got relatively human eyes, of a faded blue. A mop of deadened white-blonde hair lies upon his head, burnt and singed in spots. Along his chest and abdomen are a series of what appear to be old bullet-scars, seven of them. Perhaps this is how he died.

    Personality: Cruel, patient, extremely loyal, introverted, noncommittal, reasonable, workaholic, patriotic, a fairly free commander, can be a zealot for the proper cause.

    Abilities: Combat shapeshifting. Sprouting limbs, mouths, weapons, morphing his current body parts. Shifting his surroundings to a lesser degree or putting out lights. Perhaps some Abyssal spell-like abilities. The ability to blight or desecrate holy people, items, or places. Fast healing, like many Abyssal creatures. Immunity to electricity and poison, along with resistances to several other elements. Summoning minor demons. Telepathy. Speaks Draconic, Celestial, and Abyssal.

    Equipment: None but the clothes on his back and, on occasion, spellcasting components. Perhaps some personal affects, or a contract for soul-selling.

    Backstory: To come later.
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