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    Alias: Accepts “CB” as a nickname, also acknowledges “484,” and “84,” but does not acknowledge “48” or any other mincing of his name.

    Gender: Masculine programming

    Race/Species: CB-unit medical robot.

    Age: 3 (this is about 45 in computer years, technology moves fast!)

    Alignment: True neutral, mainly due to the fact that he reacts to situations in a large variety of ways.

    Class/Profession: Field Medic

    Power Rating: D, maybe D+ on a particularly epic day.

    Description: About five feet tall, CB is a blue-colored cylindrical robot. His base is wide, and conceals a movement array. His body has five limbs, four spindly arms and a longer, telescoping arm. Two of the arms end in small hands, one ends in a hypodermic needle, and one ends in a vibroblade. The telescoping arm has a basic claw attached to it.
    His head is wide, and has four eyes. Three are small and glow red, and one is large and just black.

    Personality: Intelligent and a little creepy at first. Absolutely terrifying once you get to know him.

    Equipment: Has a sonar suite and an advanced medical sensor suite installed. The movement array is seven basic rolling spheres, which he uses to move around. It is designed for movement on flat, clean surfaces. On dirt or rougher terrain he is slower than usual, and in rough terrain (or particularly thick carpet) he can become completely immobile. Has taken to carrying around a medical backpack and a low-recoil shotgun when in the field.

    Abilities: programmed with the medical information from several different sentient creatures, he has a good amount of experience in both the field and in the operating room. He is capable of most kinds of surgery, given the right equipment. His arms are very nimble and faster than the human eye, at the cost of some strength. He is the first to know that medical knowledge has a number of violent applications, too. However, he is not a combat robot and is therefore not very strong or solidly built. In combat, he must strike quickly and efficiently because his chassis is not designed for dodging and he really can’t take much damage. He prefers psychological warfare.

    Backstory: The CB line of medical robots were very unpopular. There were complaints that their locomotive system was too tempermental, and their arms were too weak. Both of these, however, were mere annoyances and fixable if you wanted to customize your robot. The reason that they were so unpopular is because they couldn't manage emotions properly, and had no empathy whatsoever. Only one model ever developed emotions and a degree of understanding others emotions: CB-001-34658-484.

    That was enough to put an end to the line forever.

    Miscellaneous: First character, and is probably going to have no end of trouble in any wild area.
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