OK, so I was playing Soul Calibur 3 when I had this idea for a dnd class. I've tried to make it, and gotten some help from some others as to balancing it. I'm not a master of crunch, though, so I don't know how well balanced it is. So, I'm looking for two things.

1- Is it balanced?
2- If not, how can I make it so that it IS balanced, without scrapping the concept?

Class: Red Assassin
HD: d8
Starting Age: Simple
Starting Gold: As Rogue
Allignment: Any nonlawful
{table]Lv| BAB| Fort| Refl| Will| Other
1st | +0 |+0| +2 |+0 |Blood Lust +1d4
2nd | +1 |+0 |+3 |+0| Two Weapon Fighting
3rd | +2 |+1 |+3 |+1 |Blood Lust +1d4 (+1)
4th | +3 |+1|+4| +1 |Uncanny Dodge
5th | +3 |+1|+4 |+1 |Blood Lust +2d4 (+1)
6th | +4 |+2| +5 |+2 |Two Weapon Defence
7th | +5 |+2 |+5 |+2 |Improved Blood Lust +2d6 (+2)
8th | +6/+1| +2 |+6| +2|Improved Uncanny Dodge
9th | +6/+1| +3 |+6 |+3|Imp. Blood Lust +3d6 (+2)
10th| +7/+2 |+3| +7 |+3|
11th| +8/+3| +3| +7 |+3| Greater Blood Lust +3d6 (+3), Assassin's Grace
12th| +9/+4| +4| +8| +4|
13th| +9/+4| +4| +8| +4| Greater Blood Lust +4d6 (+3)
14th |+10/+5 | +4| +9| +4| Sadistic Laugh
15th| +11/+6/+1| +5| +9| +5| Greater Blood Lust +5d6 (+3)
16th| +12/+7/+2| +5| +10| +5|
17th| +12/+7/+2| +5| +10| +5| Master Blood Lust +6d8 (+4), Crimson Crows
18th| +13/+8/+3| +6| +11| +6|
19th |+14/+9/+4| +6 |+11| +6| Master Blood Lust +7d8 (+4), Shadows of Pain
20th| +15/+10/+5| +6| +12| +6| Perfect Blood Lust +8d10 (+5)

Skill Points: 4+Int / level (x4 at 1st)
Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Spot, Tumble, Use Rope

Weapon and Armour Proficiencies: The Red Assassin is proficient in all Simple and Martial Weapons, and Light Armour, but not with shields.

Blood Lust (Ex):
The Red Assassin's sadistic tendencies are so strong that she becomes empowered in battle the more she hurts them. After she lands a successful attack on an enemy and deals damage, each consecutive attack she makes on that enemy deals precision damage. The Red Assassin can only have Blood Lust active on one enemy at a time, Blood Lust ends if the Red Assassin fails to damage the target on her turn.

At 3rd level and later, as listed on the Red Assassin table, her Blood Lust grants her a bonus to accuracy against the target as well.

Blood Lust only applies to melee attacks made with a slashing weapon, against targets that actually bleed.

Improved Blood Lust (Ex): As Blood Lust, but the precision damage dice are d6 instead of d4, and the Red Assassin regains health equal to half the Red Assassin's Class Level every round, as long as she maintains her Blood Lust.

Greater Blood Lust (Ex): As Improved Blood Lust, only the amount of health regained is equal to the Red Assassin's Class Level.

Master Blood Lust (Ex): As Greater Blood Lust, except the precision damage dice are d8 instead of d6

Perfect Blood Lust (Ex): As Master Blood Lust, except the precision damage dice are d10, and the accuracy bonus also applies extra damage.

Assassin's Grace (Ex): The Red Assassin moves with unparalleled grace on the battlefield. As a swift action, the Red Assassin can make a tumble check to move. The DC for this check is 5 higher than normal, and it takes 10ft of her base land speed for every 5ft she moves by tumbling in this manner.

Sadistic Laugh (Ex):
Breaking out into insane laughter in the middle of battle, the Red Assassin is a fearsome and unbelievable maniac on the battlefield. Once per encounter, as a move action, the Red Assassin laughs maniacally, demoralizing foes within 30 ft of her in all direction, as long as they can hear her. Enemies in this area must make a Will Save (DC 10 + Class Level/2 + Cha mod) or be Shaken for 1d4+1 rounds.

Crimson Crows (Ex): The Red Assassin is followed everywhere by a flock of crows. These crows are scavengers as well as pets. They eat the corpses of those the Red Assassin slays, and relay to her whatever they see. The Red Assassin is followed everywhere by a number of crows equal to her character level. More join her as she gains levels, and if one is defeated, a new one will replace it when night falls. These crows follow from a safe distance, not participating in combat. The Red Assassin can speak with them using a series of hand signals, and can understand their cawing as if it were common. She can issue them orders, which they will follow to the best of their ability, but they will never enter combat, or any other dangerous situations that will clearly result in their own demise.

Shadows of Pain (Ex): The Crimson Crows that flock the Red Assassin are deadly assassins in their own right. When the Red Assassin reaches level 19, once per day, as a standard action, the Red Assassin can call upon her crows. The flock swarms in, dealing the assassin's Blood Lust damage to the creatures nearest her. Every creature within 30ft of the Red Assassin takes damage equal to her Blood Lust damage.