Okay gents and ladies! I've decided to dabble in running an Insanowar!

I'll be taking the first four applicants for a variant map:

Explanation of the picture and rules:

-Each base has a main gate, side gate, a tower (the dark outlined sections), and tall, thick walls.
-The field is a desolate wasteland strewn with weeds and rocks- both big and small.
-In the center of the field is a lake (blue area). On that lake is a verdant island (green area). On top of the island is a tower (grey rectangle w/ 2 gates). Within the tower is an artifact (the purple circle).
-Below the tower and the lake is a series of tunnels (dark brown area), four to be precise, which converge into a large chamber under the central tower. The tunnels are strong and deep enough not to leak naturally, but with the right amount of damage could be collapsed/filled with water. Each tunnel opens into a cave big enough for medium sized troops to enter (black circles)
-The artifact in the central tower has the power to grant the wielder one of the following:
1. Restore one unit to full strength (numbers-wise). This can only be used on a group.
2. Increase one individual's power to 110% for one turn.
3. Summon 5~15 random Special Infected, chosen by me, 5 each summoned within any living opponents bases. You control them for 1 turn, then they go random, attacking who/whatever they can before death.

Once you use the artifact, it disappears and is returned to the central island, and you cannot use it again. Once all 4 players have used it, the central tower, lake AND tunnels are destroyed, taking any units within with them.

We'll start when we get 4 players, and end when the first person to win does so.