I have sent three e-mails over at ookoodook.com and have not heard a reply at all. I ordered Snips, and snails, and dragon tails and the shortening separately. The book was supposed to be out in May, the Shortening in June. The book was supposed to be a gift, it isn't anymore.
Well, when the book was pushed back, that screwed things up for me. I only placed them as separate orders to get the book in time for Mouse's birthday. I tried to contact the retailer to see about combining the shipping and refunding the difference. The site said I should hear back usually within 24 hours. No e-mail after the first. No reply after the second. Placed the third today.
I am so far, unimpressed with their sites customer service. I saw this thread, and at least there are some responses here, but as I can tell from other posters, ookoodook seems to have a problem answering their e-mails through their own website. Here's hoping.