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    Renetta Oronar

    Alias: Joybringer

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Wolfen/elf hybrid

    Age: 34

    Profession: Mother of one, soon to be two.

    Description: Renetta looks much like a wolfen, a wolf like humanoid. She is quite lithe in build and she stands almost six feet tall. The fur covering her body is a dark red and her eyes are an icy green. Her face is much like a wolf's, though with a somewhat shorter muzzle. Her feet are like paws, and each of her fingers and toes have small claws.

    Personality: She is a shy and reserved woman. She's suffered a lot of abuse after being held by slavers for several months, and it shows in how she presents herself. It's hard for her to trust people and she frightens easily. Otherwise she is a very kind hearted and friendly person.

    • A silver and emerald necklace that belonged to her grandmother.


    • A warm cloak made of a thick fur hide lined on the inside with padding.

    Abilities: Renetta possesses no noteworthy abilities.

    Backstory: Renetta grew up a single child, largely because of the low fertility rate of elves, with her mother and father, Lydia and Ardrim. She is technically nobility, her parents both coming from lower noble families. She led a very sheltered life and her parents could be quite controlling at time. That said, she was still quite happy. She enjoyed spending time with her uncle, Gamaliel, and had a few friends among other families.

    This quiet, peaceful life was regrettably changed forever one day. She was out for a stroll, and she went out further from her home than she would normally. That is where Ezra's slaver caravan came across her. Seeing the easy opportunity, they captured her. She was held for almost a year by the slavers, and during that time she would be sexually abused frequently. She'd all but given up hope, but one day while passing through the Nexus, the caravan was attacked and the slaves freed. It didn't leave her without scars, however, and soon after being freed she discovered that she was a month pregnant.

    Renetta has one child:
    Child Additional Info
    She is currently pregnant with her second child.


    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Wolfen/Elf Hybrid

    Age: 2

    Description: Flamecrest looks just like a young wolfen cub. She has short fur that is tan in colour with traces of red. Around her collar bones and the bottom of her muzle is a crest of red fur. Her eyes are a very dark brown.

    Personality: Flamecrest is a quiet child. She doesn't have tantrums like other toddlers might... very oftem. As much as she is quiet, she is very inquisitive. She likes to see and smell everything and anything around her.

    • A rag doll of elven make given to Renetta by a gnoll. It contains traces of spirit magic.
    • A small wooden rattle painted with multiple colored stripes.

    Abilities: N/A

    Backstory: Flamecrest may have been conceived through violence, but she has received nothing but love from her mother and Waterstrider. While still in the womb, she was transformed with her mother into a wolfen/elf hybrid by a powerful spirit called Dawn Wolf. This also had the effect of giving her a resemblance to Waterstrider. She was born in the Nexus at the Good League of Good. Born April 2012 OoC time.

    While she was still a baby, Renetta and Waterstrider, along with her, went to live with Waterstrider's tribe for some time. Flamecrest has spent most of her life with the tribe.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
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