Origins notwithstanding, my e-mail went out before their post. A delay is a delay, and delays happen, it's true. That being said, if a company does not have a reliable way to interact with their customers, then their customer service is lacking, or in better words, sub-par. Perhaps they are forthcoming and personable when they deal with you, but so far, when complaining or seeking answers from their website the common thread seems to be of slow response time.

Are their products worthwhile? Yes, indubitably. I have all the OOTS books and the game. T-shirt wise, the screen printing is still not as good as other sites such as Think Geek, but I still wear them as they are my favorite gifts from my gaming group. I have never had a problem with the condition of my purchases, and have also received them promptly. These are all separate areas. The one I believe needs work would be their customer service.