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    "May you suffer an ironic fate."

    Alias: The Fallen Man, the Exarch of the Crypt

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Revenant. Unclear what previous species was.

    Age: Who knows?

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Class/Profession: Knight, though he knows some magic.

    Power Rating: B- normally, D in an antimagic field or similar.

    Description: Despair appears in a suit of armor, has glowing red eyes, and extremely rotted-looking flesh. In fact, here's a picture. Ignore the elf in the background. That's his squire.

    Personality: Despair is extremely stoic, rarely saying anything at all unless necessary. It doesn't always want to fight, but refuses to back down if it happens, unless its entirely outclassed. He's ridiculously determined to succeed at what he does, and very few things can get in the way of that. And if he wants something, he can be ruthless in obtaining it.

    Equipment: Despair always wears a magically hardened suit of armor, and carries an adamantine greatsword so large and heavy that it has no business being carried at all.

    Abilities: The first of Despair's special abilities is fairly insidious. Hostile creatures within 10 feet or so of Despair must make a will save every round or have some of their energy sapped. This causes them to become fatigued and less able to go on. The second ability is a bit more direct, but also important: Despair is capable of a limited form of telekinesis, able to extend a magical claw, grappling and dragging its enemies within striking distance. It can only extend four of these at any one time, and the ability drains its energy pool. For more mundane abilities, Despair is incredibly strong, with a strength roughly equivalent to a '30' in D&D. It has strong armor, powerful defenses, and will regenerate over time. It cannot be knocked down, as some incredible supernatural force keeps it upright. It cannot even willingly lay down, though it can sit. Finally, Despair is skilled with a blade, and capable of using its sword to great effect in battle.

    Backstory: Despair was raised from the dead by his own commitment to not staying down. Indeed, he fought his way out of limbo for the right to stand back up. Unfortunately, his rotting body and decaying form has eroded his skill and strength somewhat. As a consequence of this, however, he has no memories of his previous life or his name. This could be a problem, considering that he was somewhat attached to those. He was given his new name as part of the pact he made to free himself from the realm of chaos.
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