Jacob Henry de Vere Stevenson

Age: 26
Parents: Elaine de Vere and Henry Stevenson
Occupation: runs a small Watchmaking shop at <address>
Home: lives above his shop

Background: The de Vere family are local nobility, and were scandalized by the behaviour of the youngest daughter who ran away from her arranged marriage to elope with a watchmaker. Though the family disowned her for a time, they reconciled soon after Henry Stevenson's death eight years ago. Mother and son were brought back to the family estate and Jacob was treated as an heir to the family. Two years ago, his family attempted to arrange a marriage between Jacob and the heiress to another noble family. The couple seemed to get along well, despite the family pressure, but the match fell through and the young lady married some other noble scion. Soon afterwards, Jacob reopened his father's shop and began working as a watchmaker, despite having been given a trust fund that makes working unnecessary. In his profession, he's thought of well, though the influx of high tech from other dimensions has hurt his trade. The broken near-engagement is the only romantic attachment in his background. He seems to be a somewhat solitary figure.

Criminal record: Clean