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    Wolfgang Hirsch
    "Don’t make me shoot. I’d hate to get blood all over the place."

    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Class/Profession: Scientist, Doctor

    Description: Wolfgang is a tall (a little over six feet,) skinny, and pale man, who obviously needs to see natural daylight more often. He has a gaunt and very angular face, with a usually stoic expression. He has dirty blonde hair, always very neatly styled. The Nazi has vibrant blue eyes, always behind a pair of glasses.

    His clothing is rather typical of what is expected from a scientist. He wears a white lab coat over a neatly suit kept suit. His Luger is holstered on his right hip, just under the coat.

    Personality: On the surface, Wolfgang seems to be a fairly kind and sociable person. Look any deeper than the skin, however, and you will find a rather twisted psyche (as one might expect from a Nazi.) He places more importance on science than human lives, and is quite willing to sacrifice the latter in the sake of the former.

    However, despite his clear lack of sanity, Wolfgang sees the practicality of moral things such as mercy. If he views it as better in the long run to let someone live, he’ll do so. He also won’t randomly kill - that doesn’t contribute to science.

    Because he is a very twisted person with only a kind surface, Wolfgang speaks in Dark Red.

    Equipment: A lab coat, Luger pistol, and a journal, used for notes.

    Abilities: He’s an okay shot with his pistol, but he only uses it in self-defence. Outside of combat, though, Wolfgang has an immense knowledge of virtually all disciplines of science, and a good grasp of the paranormal.


    Wolfgang was born and raised in Weimar, Germany, starting from 1920. He lived a very frugal childhood, as expected in the post-WW1 era. All he and his family had to their name was an awful house, terrible food, and books. The young German frequently read these books, devouring any and all information they contained. Although his parents couldn’t afford to send him to any sort of school, they did their best to educate him as he took an interest in science. They were poor, after all, not stupid.

    Then the National Socialist Party took over. People promising an end to the depression, restoring Germany to its former glory. Wolfgang was swept up in these speeches. Although he knew he couldn’t fight in any war, he volunteered for one of the teams performing research for new military developments. Things went slow, and the scientists watched as the German army pushed forward, then was pushed back on two fronts. That is, until one March in 1944. The team received reports of some sort of meteorite impact a few dozen miles from Berlin. They investigated, and found something unfathomable.

    What they found was an orange, glowing material, somehow not radioactive. Upon tests, they found that even a small amount of the material produced unprecedented amounts of energy. Almost immediately, Wolfgang and his colleagues set to work using this new element - Elerium - for the production of new weapons, armor, and vehicles, all under a single project dubbed “Wunderwaffen.” The Stupid Jetpack Hitler trope became a reality - with energy-based weapons, powered armor, and hovering vehicles. This vast technological advantage allowed Germany to turn the tides of the war, leading to a reconquering of Europe. It was about then that the Allies surrendered.

    Germany enjoyed a new golden age, as the Wunderwaffen team found more uses of Elerium. This led to a much more rapid advancement in technology than in the real world. The latest project that Wolfgang dreamed up was the ITD - Instantaneous Travel Device, something that allowed humans to bypass the roads and simply teleport to their destination. Construction went well enough, but a few simple mistakes were made during its calibration, and Wolfgang ended up in the Nexus. Still, he found it to be a success overall, and plans to build another ITD to try and get back to his home.
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