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    Default Re: Must Affix Everything to Everything! (Grafts That Don't Make Me Cry Myself To Sle

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoSeraphi View Post
    What's this? A grafting base class? And it's actually both well done and chock full of flavor? I applaud you, Kellus, this is a fantastic piece of homebrew.

    I really like the Bedside Manner ability, but what type of action does it consume? If you have to stop the surgery to wipe the sweat from your brow and take a breath, is it a move action? A standard action? Do you need a full-round to calm down? Would you eventually become so jaded that it would only take a swift action for you to shake your head and get back to work?

    I think you actually added bonemail to the graft list between when I started reading this post and when I clicked the reply button, but I have to say I like it. Scaling natural armor is a very cool tool, and I bet it gives you some sweet circumstances bonuses to Intimidate (and Disguise, if you want to go there)


    I just looked at the entire graft list. I had no idea it would be so...complete. I am genuinely, seriously, one hundred percent impressed. I don't think I've ever been so impressed by any class on this site as I have with the xenoalchemist, and I mean that sincerely. The vampiric fangs, the sword of balor, every kind of natural attack you could want and every upgrade to those attacks you can think of. This class is like the totemist on sweet, science-y crack. I definitely will be using this class in my next game if I can in any way convince my DM to let me.
    Haha, I'm glad you like it.

    I swear I didn't go back and add any grafts to the list, bonemail was definitely always there. A few things:

    Bedside manner gives you a spell-like ability to use calm emotions. Unless otherwise stated a spell-like ability requires a standard action to use, which provokes attacks of opportunity.

    The sword of the balor is kind of tongue-in-cheek since it's incredibly stupid that they have a magical ability to have a vorpal sword. But it's still a fun graft.

    This list is also by no means complete. One big thing I want to stress for any DM reading this is that the list of grafts is just the beginning. Please feel free to take special abilities you have on monsters in your campaign and adapt them for use with this system. The grafts listed are mainly to give you an idea what abilities are appropriate at what levels. If you have homebrew monsters or monsters from other sources I swear that your players will feel like badasses if they get to chop them up and take their stuff.

    EDIT: Thanks for your kind words as well, Lyndworm.
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