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    I need someone to go have shenanigans...

    Lord Kybin of Skullcrusher Mountain

    Alias: Just Kybin. Some call him Warlord or Warboss Kybin, but he does not approve of it.
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: Late twenties? Early thirties? There about.
    Alignment: True neutral, with a villainous bent.
    Class/Profession: Warmage/Warrior/Spellsword. Dangerous at range, devastating in melee.
    Power Rating: B, pushing B+
    Description: He wears a long, purple cloak, over chain mail. His face is hidden by a steel mask, and he wears heavy gauntlets and boots.
    Personality: Calculating and clever, he takes as little flak as possible. Nontheless, he is used to dealing with orcs and goblins, and so he has learned to survive, and thrive, in utter chaos. Also somewhat insane. Like a bond villain, but genre savy and prone to comic relief.
    Equipment: Armor and cloak are enchanted with some generic defense buffs. Gauntlets are of strength, and the boots presumably are for stomping. Not necessarily magic stomping, but stomping nonetheless. He carries a spiked chain with some high nondescript magic on it. His mask has amplify voice, whispered message, and sending abilities at will. Has other adventuring equipment, like first aid, potions, and climbing tools. Cloak has pocket dimension for storage.
    Abilities: Being a warmage, he specializes in magic that does large amounts of damage. Fire, ice, sonics, electricity, large spinning blades, etc. He is very dangerous in battle, but his choices for non-offensive spells are limited. He also is very dangerous in melee combat, using melee spells, some unarmed experience, and his spiked chain to waste anyone that he comes across.
    His true danger, however, is his leadership. He is the intelligent and cunning leader of the Greenskins of Skullcrusher Mountain: a group of orcs and goblins that are generally well-equipped and well-led. He has a group around whenever he expects any kind of trouble, with the hope that the greenskins wonít cause too much trouble on their own.
    Backstory: Kybin graduated from the warmage academy with honors, and went adventuring for a time. After this, he started to gain control of orcs via force and goblins also via force. Today? Heís got a good sized force and is looking for something new to doÖ
    STATUS: Mysteriously Dissapeared

    The Greenskins of Skullcrusher mountain:

    ???more to come???

    Units: Each group has a Boss, and a standard bearer and a musician in large-scale combat.
    Orc Boyz-Equipped with medium armor, hand choppas, and shields. Rather expendable, they only last a round or two.

    Goblins-Light armor, shields, and hand weapons. Many also carry bows. Sometimes, assassins hide among the rank-and-file troops. Be careful! Most goblins die in droves, but assassins can be more dangerous.

    Kobolds-Sometimes employed to rig traps or sabotage mechanics. In battle, they prefer to keep a distance and pelt the enemy with sling stones. In melee, they donít last long and are always trying to run away.

    Savages-The crazier cousins of the rank-and file orcs, savages wear light armor, paint themselves with war paint, and charge into battle brandishing two weapons. They also carry shields, but they donít often think of that until after theyíve lost an arm. They hit hard, but they donít last very long.

    Black warriors- These are the best of the best, with the heaviest armor, shields, and weapons. They pride themselves in their excellent battle methods, and their armor that they paint a solid black, with some purple highlights to show their allegiance to Lord Kybin. Very dangerous.

    Kobold Dragonshields- Very dangerous kobolds, with excellent training and lots of experience. They are not blinded by their success, and are still willing to use dirty tactics to get an upper hand. However, they are still kobolds. Against a superior foe, they still die like kobolds.

    Others of note:
    Administrative Assistant Goblin (AAG): Mainly carries messages. Not important, really.

    Important people: Big bosses, chiefs, heroes, and most anyone with a name. These are he most dangerous and the smartest. Beware, especially, a warboss or a kobold menace!

    Wolves: Large, vicious wolves. Often ridden by goblins, or tied to a chariot.

    Spiders: Poisonous cave spiders, also ridden by goblins.

    Boars: Great creatures of strength and endurance, the orcsí mount of choice. Sometimes tied to chariots.

    Cave crawlers: Vicious things, sometimes ridden by kobolds. Really do not like being tied to chariots. Warning: TEETH!
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