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    I really fail to see how Regeneration is too good, same thing with Fast Healing. Regeneration does turn a lot of damage to Non-lethal but it doesn't protect from the vast repertoire of what Spellcasters can sling.

    By the time you even get 5th level grafts, Spellcasters have had Disintegrate, Cloudkill, Baleful Polymorph, Transmute Rock to Mud, Flesh to Stone, Finger of Death, Limited Wish, and Trap the Soul for a while and are just getting Imprisonment, Power Word: Kill, Weird, Energy Drain, Wail of the Banshee, Shapechange and Wish.

    Edit: And that's just core.

    All of those things either ignore Regeneration or are mentioned to not be affected by regeneration.

    Yes, it gives massive out of combat healing, but it's pretty much a given than once Wands of CLW or Vigor or what have you are cheap then you're a total chump for ever healing at the natural rate.

    The Troll should be a perfect example of how overrated Regeneration is. It's mostly CR 5 because of it's large size and high physical stats but the Regeneration also plays a part.

    Now if you look at most any other monster that has Regeneration and has a higher CR than a Troll, it's not because the monster has Regeneration but because it has SLAs or Resistances or Immunities or other tricks and nasty maneuvers in its repertoire.
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